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    Revised Section Rules

    These are the latest section rules. If you have a problem with them, please leave the section. Breaking any of these rules will result in an instant infraction.

    1. Do not engage in a debate if you are just going to get your feelings hurt. In most debates, there are winners and losers. If you lose or cannot provide substantial evidence to forward your arguments, drop it.

    2. Do not let a debate become a flame war. If you want to flame someone, do it over MSN or send them a PM. No one wants to read it here.

    3. Respond constructively and in a manner that contributes to the debate or do not respond at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Example of a Bad Post
    User A: I believe abortion is wrong because *details to back up belief*User B: You're wrong.User B did not give any details why they believe what they do.
    Quote Originally Posted by Example of a Good Post
    User A: I believe abortion is wrong because *details to back up belief*User B: I disagree. *details to oppose User A and begin open debate*This time around, User B gave details why they thought User A was wrong, effectively beginning the debate.
    If your post is not constructive, it will be deleted and you will be infracted. Debates are all about evidence and support. Opinions are not evidence. Tread lightly on sensitive topics such as Politics and Religion as it is difficult to provide evidence for such topics and most views are only opinions.

    4. Though we expect you to follow the forum rules here, posting in old threads will not be frowned upon here. Most true good debates simply do not die, so it's perfectly fine to update an old thread with your opinion or viewpoint.

    5. All debates MUST be serious. Debates about a certain game or something specific are not welcome.

    Proper Debate [1] [2] | Forum Rules | Popular Topics
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    Re: Revised Section Rules

    These rules are very much in effect, especially the third one. Please do not enter a debate topic and disagree or agree with a point of view if you do not have support to back up your stand. Debates are all about evidence and support.

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    Re: Revised Section Rules

    I just want to also add to this; before you create a new thread, please do at least a quick search of the section using the Search tool to see if the thread has already been posted.

    17. Do not ask questions which are already answered in other threads. Use the search function as much as possible.

    This will greatly help prevent multiple threads from being posted and will make the section cleaner.

    Thank you - Justice For All