420! Blaze it.

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    420! Blaze it.

    Sup homie I'm new here at Ragezone and I like it... I really like it

    So am 18 years old live in the Netherlands and ill be honnest with you guys

    I'm searching for the CIT script from MTA:SA so if someone got it for me I appriciate it

    Ill add some scripts but I cant find where to upload help me out please

    If ya got any question homie ask me itee challas

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    Re: 420! Blaze it.

    Goede dag!

    Welcome to RaGEZONE! I hope you'll enjoy your visits to RaGEZONE like I do after 9 years visiting RaGEZONE daily! (Well, I didn't visit RaGEZONE daily 9 years in a row, but you get what I mean).

    Awesome to see an extra guy visiting the GTA MTA:SA/SA-MP section. MTA:SA/SA-MP is still very addicting (it does depend on the server you're playing in though). You can upload your files to, for example, MEGA, Simple File Sharing and Storage., Solidfiles - Free File Hosting - Upload Your Files, etc. There are lots of those file uploaders. I do notice MEGA is being used a lot nowadays (which isn't odd. it's the best file uploader in my opinion).

    If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me (and a lot of other users in RaGEZONE. Almost everyone is awesome on here ;))

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    Re: 420! Blaze it.

    Aigh thanks homie! I appriciate it :)

    fijne avond nog!

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    Re: 420! Blaze it.

    Welcome to RZ.. Mega was good, now is a shit with those Max Download Policy.