Bit delayed but oh well!

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    Bit delayed but oh well!

    Hello there everyone it's a pleasure to introduce my self to know that are unaware of my self I am Bradley a C# dev person as well not to mention not a new member here but I kinda missed this out my bad.

    I am currently doing acting as a career and development as a hobby if you wish to know me more send me a pm or comment I'll freely answer questions or even join along in your discussions! I will attend to fly around these forums starting from now browsing all the other sections as I was mainly gluing my self to one section which would be the development section under MMO's.

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    Re: Bit delayed but oh well!

    We've met already, on Discord, but welcome to RaGEZONE. Stay out of trouble, have fun.

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    Re: Bit delayed but oh well!

    Met you on discord too. Regardless welcome fellow UK dude.


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