I might be a bit late for this one...

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    I might be a bit late for this one...

    I go by many online monikers; however, the one that's of use in this case is KimChoJapFan.

    I created this username back in 2011 for my 3rd YouTube channel to distance myself from the content and audience of the previous 2 channels. It still remains to be my most recognizable username and my most successful YouTube channel thus far.

    I am currently 21 years old as of writing this and I won't turn 22 until August 2017.

    My interests are simple: Programming, Gaming, Networking, and Teaching.

    I signed up to this site to share information regarding my copy of MentalBlank's Dragonfable private server alongside a faulty PHP website for a World of Warcraft 1.12.1 private server.

    I do not have a favorite MMORPG because I have yet to spend some time playing any of the ones on the market.

    I'm actively trying to create a variant of MyBB to replace the dreadful state of the MyBB project. I haven't really decided on what I will call it when it is finished, but I'm currently calling it FakeBB during its development. It'll be mostly programmed in PHP, but it will sometimes call upon Javascript functions as 3rd party libraries for extended functionality. (Beyond what PHP 7 has to offer at the moment)

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    Re: I might be a bit late for this one...

    Hi, welcome to RZ. Now, let's do what is important, eat faggots.