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    Hey everyone, Gawerty here! Feel free to call me Christian, Chris, or Chrissy; The last one sounds feminine but it's what some of my closest friends call me, so it kinds of stuck after a while haha.

    Lets see, i'm 18 years old, turned 18 back in January on the 26th, and I was a senior up until yesterday, I graduate officially on the 2nd of June however. My profile picture is me, naturally.

    I grew up with Computers, my first computer was around the age of 6, and it was a white-box complete with heavy and loud keyboard and really crappy mouse. I don't know how my dad used it for office work to be honest, it couldn't even play Runescape in 2005. The hard-drive fried when I tried to install Norton Anti-Virus I believe, I can't really remember. I wasn't very internet-aware back then.

    My hobbies include; writing FanFiction, Reading FanFiction, Playing several different genres of MMOs, watching YouTube videos, and posting on Forums, such as this one.

    I found RaGEZONE as a kid, when I was looking up information on PokeNET but I only ever lurked (as far as I can tell) and if I ever did create an account, it wasn't ever put to any real use...I don't even remember the email I used back then (As it was registered to an sc.rr.com domain)

    I guess right now, i'm just looking to find a group of people who are like-minded and enjoy life.

    If you want to add me on Skype - Mine is gawerty100, tell me your from RaGEZONE and i'll accept you.

    That's it from me, if you have any questions; post them, i'll answer what I can, I don't bite!

    ~Through hell and high waters~

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    Re: Hello!

    Hey, welcome to the forums officially now :D

    You seem a very decent guy and great addition to the forum. Glad you made an account :)

    Still interested in any MMO thats hosted here? RaGEZONE also became a fun place for ppl who are not into MMO Servers, so enjoy your stay :)

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    P-Servers are NOT dead. Bugs need squishing. Quests need fixing. Unfortunately, majority of people don't know the difference between a computer and a toaster so...