Just hello all !

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    Just hello all !

    I wanted to say hello to everyone !

    My name is Thomas, currently living in Holland, I am 26 years old.I joined the private server section after the Hanin die and server s1 is open :)

    I have some interesting skills that can come in handy

    Noob in create Kal Server
    Basic PHP languages
    Beginner C++ languages

    I will often ask about things that are not understandable for me, I hope you will help

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    Re: Just hello all !

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    Re: Just hello all !

    Hi and welcome.

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    Re: Just hello all !

    Quote Originally Posted by BenoyD View Post
    It is good to see that someone is here :)

    So my first question is about coding ,there is any realesed examples of working system ? or better... any list with function of main server :P
    Hi Beshoy Welcome back !!

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    Re: Just hello all !

    Hello and welcome to the forums. Hope you find stuff you need in here. The Kal community is pretty active, chances are good :)

    I know it's not much fun, but you might want to have a look at some of our forum rules and section rules before getting your journey started. I've moved this thread from the Kal section to the introduction zone we have here, specially made for these welcome threads :) The other part, your request for example / a function list, was moved to the Help Section of Kal. Getting sections right, improves the positive reception of your posts by a lot, it really does help!

    Enjoy your stay :)
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    Re: Just hello all !

    Hello and welcome to this community, I hope you find yourself at home here.
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