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    Hi. I've literally just signed back in after like 6 or 7 years.
    Had a good laugh at my old posts from when I was a kid. I joined this forum at age 13 I believe. I just turned 23.

    I'm Jock. How is everyone? Any OG's out there too?
    I signed up in April 2007. I don't think there was an introduction section then.
    I joined this site for habbo.

    I'm now a Twitch streamer with quite a big community.

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    Re: Hi

    Welcome back man. =)
    If there's one thing i hate the most, It's seeing bad things happen to good people.

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    Re: Hi

    Forum's not having its most glory days but we ain't giving up :)

    Nice to see someone from the earlier days make a possible comeback.

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    P-Servers are NOT dead. Bugs need squishing. Quests need fixing. Unfortunately, majority of people don't know the difference between a computer and a toaster so...

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    Re: Hi

    Welcome back friend hopefully this time you will stay