Never thought I'd make one of these

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    Never thought I'd make one of these

    Hey there, Ragezone!

    It's been a few years, but I guess it's never too late for a brief introduction? :')
    I go by Diverge here, and I'm pretty much only involved in the MapleStory section of the forums, with a little bit of dabbling in The Outerworld.

    I got into web development when I was about 11 because my parents ran their own little business designing and creating websites for people. Eventually, I worked my way up into OOP and got more interested in application development using Java, C#, C++, etc. I'm currently attending University pursuing a Bachelor's in Computer Science, and I spend my free time playing and coding MapleStory, playing a variety of instruments, and lugging around large books that I use to further my knowledge of all things coding.

    I guess that's pretty much it. Only a few years late. :')
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    Re: Never thought I'd make one of these

    Welcome to RZ. Riveting tale, young lad. I am jealous that you started learning programming when you were young. Very jelly.

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    Re: Never thought I'd make one of these

    never too late to introduce urself, u should join MuOnline dev hehe, good luck further anyways!