It's been a while

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    It's been a while

    Hello RaGEZONERS,

    It's been a while since i last visit the forums. I just came back here and i'm glad that that community is doing great! I hope to meet new people around here and create new mmo friendships!

    My name is Vaggelis, i'm 22 years old (29/3/94), living in Thessaloniki, Greece and i am studying BSc Hons Computing (thank God i am in the final year). I have knowledge into html, php, java, visual basic. I like to spend my free time by playing online games and cooking. I am big fan of Techno music and i love my cats!

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    Re: It's been a while

    Hey mate & welcome back !
    looking forward to see you in the MU Section =]

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    Re: It's been a while

    Thessaloniki has a nice and challenging airport as far as I remember back from my flight simming days :D

    Welcome back and hope you enjoy your stay here~

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