This should be the first post...

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    This should be the first post...


    I'm AserLink, and I'm 19 years old.
    My interests are pretty simple: computer science, meet new people, develop something funny etc... the usual things .
    I'm right now studying Computer Science and I hope to get a degree soon as possible ^_^
    If you check my join date, I should be "old", but I never had the chance to write something (I was pretty noob and shy ) but I'm not like that anymore!

    My favourite MMORPG game is Final Fantasy XIV, but I really like Habbo (specially its old minigames, BattleBall and SnowStorm).

    What am I doing now? Well... I'm trying to fix (at least partially) Habbo's SnowStorm (Shockwave era).

    The "Create Game" now works without any problems, every packet should contain the correct data (even about the game lenght). Even the selection team works without any problem!

    Maps work partially for one main reason:
    1. v26 DCR has just one incomplete SnowStorm map, the others need to be manually constructed by editing SnowStorm's CCT (well it shouldn't be a problem). I thought I could find the complete CCTs but v28 has empty CCTs for both BattleBall and SnowStorm and I can't find any v32 full pack.

    So, right now I'm working on:
    1. Fixing the user entering room... in fact it just loads the room.
    2. Fixing the UI, but I think if I study how BB's UI loads, I can load the SS's UI.
    3. Loading furni (in fact SnowStorm's map items are just normal "public room" furni).

    If I fix them, then the game would be at 50%.
    The main problem starts here: no one has the SnowStorm game code and without reverse engineering the .CCT, the work stops right here. I know some programs that can partially decode the Lingo scripts, but I can't get them work... and I don't know Lingo (sorry ;v).

    Soon I will write a thread about the fix if it needs one!

    Oh, I forgot to credit Nillus, even if he didn't properly code SnowStorm, he left some codes in the Holograph Emu, I "connected" these lost codes and made some addings in the code.

    I hope I'll have some nice time with ya guys :D
    PS: Sorry about bad english ;v
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    Re: This should be the first post...

    Woah! Awesome! Welcome (back) to RZ!
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    Re: This should be the first post...

    Grats on your first post/thread (even though post count doesn't apply here). Welcome :)

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    Re: This should be the first post...

    Thank you guys :D

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    Re: This should be the first post...

    Ohh you're certainly not alone with being shy! There are so many accounts, even back from 2008, which make their first posts these days. Really makes me wonder if these accounts were hacked at times, haha. But it's never too late to stick your head out! It's also nice for the contributors to see whom they work for :)

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    Re: This should be the first post...

    Hey! You should make a development thread in the Habbo section! This is very interesting and impressive to be honest.

    Recently something odd has happened which is that a lot of resources about the old shockwave client have been shared and people have been making some good progress reverse engineering the client files.

    As someone with zero experience in shockwave emulators, this is still pretty impressive.
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