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    talk Bit of info regarding my mega links

    So I got fed up with MEGA's bandwidth limits today and decided to test out their cheapest membership for a month for 5 Euros (I paid in dollars but I'm not going to bother to convert).

    Fortunate for you all, it appears I can share my bandwidth with the people who use my links. Which is kind of a vague way of saying that people downloading my releases using the mega links are allowed to use bandwidth I paid for and not have to deal with the new bandwidth limits. Currently I've set it to share 400gb of bandwidth for the month but I don't think even 100gb will get used as long as people don't abuse the privilege.

    So the real reason I made this thread is to ask if you all think that this benefits the community enough to justify me spending my money to make this a permanent change or is switching over the mega links to torrents an acceptable change? Because with way that MEGA is changing, I see little recourse for the links.

    If it is seen as needed, I wouldn't mind receiving some financial help to afford it, though it is only like $55/yr.
    I could mirror everyone's mega links on my account if that were the case.

    Anyways, I'd like hear other community members' opinion on this. Those who have been here longer or have been more helpful will have more weight to their words but I always consider everyone's opinion. We have a month to discuss it so it won't be a hasty decision. Feel free to bring members into the conversation via the MENTION tag.
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