Feb 27th Anniversary

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    talk Feb 27th Anniversary

    Dear users of the Trickster Online section,

    So I know we are a international community here in the Trickster Online section,
    but today is a still a rather infamous day for us in the trickster community.

    Today is the two-year anniversary of the English Trickster Online servers going down.
    Last year, I was filled with frustration at being unable to obtain the s2 files despite all the community attempts.

    This year, I have no reason to feel down about anything. Quite the opposite.
    In these past two years, I feel we have accomplished much in this section,
    and with these new s2 files I believe we will accomplish even more wonderful things.

    We are no longer at the mercy of fate. We have the files we wanted, now let's show the world what we can do with them :)

    I'd also like to thank everyone here who has supported the section and continued to hold out hope when the section's situation was so bleak. I deeply thank all of you for your moral and technical support these past two years. I hope you will continue support this section in any way you can :3

    Happy Hacking,
    Happy Hacking!
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    Re: Feb 27th Anniversary

    To celebrate , I'm making a program to help in some things.

    Make Accounts, Make Itens, Refine, Coumpound, Edit Characters, Edit Server (IP, Server Name, Word Name) and More.Click image for larger version. 

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