Some obvious changes in the section

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    Some obvious changes in the section

    So I guess some of the users here know me and some may not. Either way, just wanted to let you all know that Trickster Online has finally been determined by my higher ups to be a "large" section and has obtain the status symbol that goes with that: we have subsections now :D

    Probably the biggest thing that has happened to this section since it was moved back to the front page.

    Anyways, I ask that you all bear with me and all the broken links this will cause as I sort through and move threads to correct subsections over the next month or so.

    Also, a minor and obvious rule will be enforced from now on due to these subsections. You must post in the right subsection for your posts. Using thread prefixes will help you determine the section your post belongs in. Help section contains Help and Request posts. The main section only contains Discussion threads. The other sections are self-explanatory.

    I may add more info or story to this later.
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