Where should I start? Need expert advice.

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    note Where should I start? Need expert advice.


    I am really interested in making a Trickster Online private server, but I am lacking the knowledge on programming.

    I have run Ragnarok Online servers in the past. I guess running an RO server was much easier compared to this, since you pretty much got to do the work by yourself.

    What I want to know from the experts out here is where I should start. What kind of knowledge do I need to have to make this server dream into a reality?
    Should I start with C++?

    I also don't have much knowledge about SQL but I would really really love to learn, but I'm not sure where to begin.

    So, any guides, ideas and input are welcome :)
    And I hope someone will help me. All I'm asking for is some guidelines. Thank you.

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    Re: Where should I start? Need expert advice.

    I guess this is a little hard to answer, learning will take a lot of time. I'm in my second semester of college and I am finally learning Python and C#, next semester i'll learn Advanced C#. You must be really committed to want to learn how to program then everything else seems to fall into place. If you want to start anywhere I would suggest Python as it is the easiest to learn Object Oriented language before moving on to something like C# or Java, eventually working up to C++. If you would like to begin your adventures in programming try videos from microsoftvirtualacademy.com

    MicrosoftVirtualAcademy is free, if you have a monthly income to spend a little you could also try lynda.com or udemy.com (I would recommend Lynda first).

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    Re: Where should I start? Need expert advice.

    To be fair, we don't have the source of anything, so learning any language is useless if you want to just run a server.
    If you want to learn to write tools, then... okay, sure. A language would be useful.

    SQL is really easy. MySQL and MSSQL is pretty similar, but there're striking differences (FETCH NEXT 4 ROWS vs. OFFSET 0,4).
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    Re: Where should I start? Need expert advice.

    @Chikki Chan @KingdomVolc Python and C# have very little to Trickster Online binaries since they were made with C++. Programming in general has very little to do with setting up a Trickster Online server since we only have binaries, config files, and a database to work with.

    If you do plan on running a Trickster Online server, then I do suggest you learn SQL, specifically T-SQL which is what MS SQL Server uses though MySQL knowledge will suffice if you have a T-SQL reference sheet nearby with the different nomenclature highlighted.

    As a matter of policy, I would deter you from using anything microsoft-related unless you must use it. In the case of .net and asp, for example. Speaking of which you will probably need some knowledge of ASP or PHP for an actual public server for the cash shop.

    Now as for learning to program in the first place, we have a section for that: Coder's Paradise
    Though I would hardly recommend it as a good source, conversation about programming belongs there.
    My suggestion is to pick up some "How to learn *blank language* in 24 days (or hours, it varies)" books.
    As for suggested path to learn C++ is: Python > C > C++

    If you have the aptitude for programming that should work for you.
    Programming isn't something anyone can be good at without talent for it.
    Programming is an art, those with talent for it will always have the upper hand.
    Doesn't mean you won't have to work hard even if you have talent, so keep trying.
    Mistakes are good chances to learn, so make many of them while learning (on purpose if possible) as they lead to a better understanding of the material you are covering.

    Here is a link to some downloadable books you can learn Python from.
    Here is a link to a (simplified) tutorial for SQL and the differences between the various types.

    Unless you are going to do some reverse-engineering, setting up a Trickster Online server does not require any programming languages.
    (SQL stands for Structured Query Language, PHP is a scripting language, and ASP stand for Active Server Pages and is also a scripting language like PHP)
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    Re: Where should I start? Need expert advice.

    If you wish to view more books into Python or C I can show you ISBN's that I will be using in a few weeks for college.

    C# (old edition): 9781285096339
    Python: 9781590282410
    HTML5 & CSS3: 9781111527983
    Java (my java class has 3 books): 9780321498052 , 9780321486127, 9781285856834
    Software Engineering: 9781934015551
    Database Systems: 9781285196145
    The book list doesn't matter, it's just what i'm using in College (this semester), PyroSamurai posted some links that equal the free route :)

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    Re: Where should I start? Need expert advice.

    Oh wow..Thank you so much you guys!! This is alot of good information. I really appreciate all of your help. Thank you!