Enable Debug mode in the source

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    Enable Debug mode in the source

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking to enable debug mode in the source, as I'm looking to make my own custom Login map. The old GunZLoader obviously doesn't work with the newest 1.5 files, and I know that by using the debug/developer mode from the source I can use it to get the coordinates to make the Login.

    However, when I try to build the source I get this error. Has anyone come across it?

    Clean source\Gunz\ZChat_Cmds.cpp(1268) : error C2660: 'ZPostLadderRequestChallenge' : function does not take 3 arguments
    Heres the code snippet from that file, I've highlighted where the error triggers:

    void ChatCmd_LadderTest(const char* line,const int argc, char **const argv)
    	// »ç¿ëÇÏ´Â ºÎºÐÀÌ ¾ø¾î¼­ µð¹ö±×¿ëÀ¸·Î ¼öÁ¤ÇÔ. -by SungE 2007-04-02
    #ifdef _DEBUG
    	if (argc == 1)
    		char szPlayerName[MATCHOBJECT_NAME_LENGTH];
    		strcpy(szPlayerName, ZGetMyInfo()->GetCharName());
    		char* pName[1];
    		pName[0] = szPlayerName;
    		ZPostLadderRequestChallenge(pName, 1, 0);
    	} else if (argc == 2)
    		strcpy(szPlayerName, ZGetMyInfo()->GetCharName());
    		strcpy(szTeamMember1, argv[1]);
    		pName[0] = szPlayerName;
    		pName[1] = szTeamMember1;
    		ZPostLadderRequestChallenge(pName, 2, 0);
    Would appreciate it if anyone could help :-).

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    Re: Enable Debug mode in the source

    open your zpost.h search for ZPostLadderRequestChallenge and paste here the whole inline
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