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    Re: GunZ section update - please all members read

    Hey does that mean that simple people like me can become a moderator someday ? :D

    I think some people here are confused as to what a moderator is supposed to do and the relevance of the mod action stats I posted.

    Mod actions are the edits a mod uses to keep the forum tidy, this is a moderators job.

    It is not a moderators job to answer questions or even to help with any development at all. Those of you equating development work with quality of moderator are very wrong. You do not need a green name to help another person, if you require something in return for everything you "give" then you are missing the point of giving.

    Those claiming Rotana is inactive, he still has an average of over 120 "mod actions" in a month, for over 16 months. for a section like gunz, that is what i'd expect.
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    Re: GunZ section update - please all members read

    Quote Originally Posted by Axium View Post
    Hey does that mean that simple people like me can become a moderator someday ? :D

    I am a very simple person, I started off as one of the most internet illiterate noobs in the world. Found a private server through a friend and months later I find out the server has a forum. That was the 1st time I'd heard the word forum outside of primary school roman history! I stayed on the forum and made friends and I wanted to help out keeping the forum tidy as more people came and enjoyed the server/forum. Today I am sub-Admin.

    Truth be told, in my mod team I'm not looking for someone who can code. Not looking for someone who releases lots of material. These are a great plus and many people on the forum posses both and have never been mod.

    I am looking for level headed mature people to join my team. Not for someone who becomes aggressive and behaves in the way Theo and Guy have. They did a fine job here, just like anyone who gives their time freely to help I am always grateful. But if the team isn't working, which it wasn't, it needs to be changed. Please refer to all my previous posts for any other answers, there's nothing more I can say. I'll lock the thread now and sticky it for a short time to remind us how much better looking I am than Theoretical and Guy.
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