Name color change

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    Name color change

    Name color change
    I need a tip on how to put together a color name change. I've seen a user creating a function for time, but it worked only in chat, not in the TAB / Lobby / etc. He made the algorithm using time. Would have otherwise? Other way?


    I try this, but not show in scorebar or lobby. Just in chatoutput...

    I need the algoritm.. please help me :'(

    (sry my bad english)
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    Re: Name color change

    Its dependend on what code ur friend used, if you understand it. you probably could use it for scoreboard. No one can help u, so long that source piece is privated

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    config Re: Name color change

    i didn't understand exactly what are you looking for, but if you are looking for something like this just pm me, i can help you.

    sorry, my english sucks

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    Re: Name color change

    Modify ZCombatInterface::DrawScoreBoard so it calls GetUserGradeIDColor and no longer uses a different method of displaying a player's color.