Rules of the GunZ Online section

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    note Rules of the GunZ Online section


    Kindly read the rules thoroughly before posting. Understanding and following them will prevent you from being warned or infracted.

    Before you start, kindly read RaGEZONE's global Forum Rules (these are general rules that apply to every section)

    Now, the following rules apply to the GunZ Online section and its sub-sections. Certain rules may vary in different sections of this forum—so be sure to read them if you happen to visit them.

    • [1] Post only in English. If you are unable to do so, use Google translate.

      [2] Don't flame, insult, make racist remarks, or troll. Be nice, be respectful.

      [3] Don't spam [double posting, posting content irrelevant to the topic, memes, etc].

      [4] Don't post graphic content [nudity, pornography, etc].

      [5] This is a development forum, and we expect a good atmosphere. Keep your differences, arguments, and off-topic discussions away from public topics (and preferably, away from forum). Off-topic posts will be deleted instantly without any prior notice and may be subject to further warnings/infractions.

      [6]* Don't bump topics that have been inactive for over 2 weeks. Post a help/request topic in the main GunZ Online section if you require assistance. If necessary, link the original (old) topic for reference. The same also applies for requesting re-uploads from older releases.

      *Although this isn't a global rule anymore, you may bump an old topic only if you have something useful to contribute to it—such as a fresh download link or anything else that contributes to the purpose of the topic. For help or assistance topics, however, it is best to create new topics (with references to old topics in the form of links).

      Note: Bumping your own release / development / tutorial topic for updates is permitted.
      Note: Don't bump your own help/assistance topic within 24 hours after posting. Be patient.

      [7] Don't re-release things that have already been released in the past. This is considered to be spam.

      [8] Don't release work that doesn't belong to you (unless you have permission from the creator(s), with proof).

      [9] Don't advertise websites, forums, or game servers in posts or topics in the MMO development sections. If you'd like to advertise your GunZ server, visit the following section: GunZ Servers. Make sure you read its rules before posting.

      [10] Don't ask help related to a specific GunZ server that you are a player of, because this section is meant for general GunZ development.

      [11] Don't ask other members in public topics to assist you via Facebook, Skype, Team Viewer, Discord, or any other private means. Share your contact details privately via Private messages or Visitor Messages. Public topics are not meant for the exchange of contact details, as it defeats the purpose of this forum. Feel free to have relevant discussions in threads.

      [12] Don't post warez (illegally obtained software).

      [13] Use the Search function before posting a help/assistance topic. Your questions may have been answered in the past. Proceed with posting your own topic only after doing a thorough search (and failing to find an appropriate solution).

      [14] Don't attempt to control the section (or mini-mod). Instead, report posts and let us handle it.

      [15] Don't post any hacks, cheats, exploits, malware, or any other malicious material on this forum.

      [16] Report inappropriate or spam posts/topics instead of posting in them. Your inputs aren't required in such topics, and will only be deleted.

      [17] Buying & selling isn't allowed in the MMO sections. You may visit the Merchant Zone section for such purposes. That section may have its own rules, so kindly follow them.

      [18] Do not post advertisements here, in the GunZ Online section and its sub-sections. Read this topic to find the appropriate section for such purposes.

      [19] If you have a problem with a moderator, or require assistance from someone with greater authority, please contact a Super Moderator or Supervisor.

    You may send me a private message if you require further assistance. I'll be happy to assist you.

    Again, make sure you've also read RaGEZONE's global Forum Rules.

    For RaGEZONE related news and updates, please visit: The Headquarters

    For account related support, forum bug reports, and suggestions, please visit: The Front Desk

    The entire staff-list of RaGEZONE can be found here: Staff List

    Thank you.
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    Re: Rules of the GunZ Online section

    January 23 2018

    [1] Rule #6 has been revamped. You may bump old topics (preferably release/tutorial/development ones) only if you have something useful to add to them or provide fresh download links. In other words, only if you can make a meaningful contribution. Do not bump old topics to thank anyone, or ask for help (you may create help topics for that).

    [2] This topic has been updated, along with links to RaGEZONE's updated global forum rules. Make sure you've read both.