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    note Rules of the GunZ Online section


    Please understand the rules thoroughly. Before you start, read RaGEZONE's Global forum rules (rules that apply to every section).

    The following rules apply to the GunZ Online section and its sub-sections. Certain rules may vary in different sections of this forum, so be sure to read them if you happen to visit them.

    [1] Post in English. If you are unable to do so, use Google translate.
    [2] No flaming, racism, swearing/insulting, and trolling. Be nice, be respectful.
    [3] Don't spam (double posts, off-topic/irrelevant posts, memes, etc)
    [4] Don't bump topics that have been inactive for over 2 weeks. You may only bump your own topic to post updates or new links.
    [5] Don't advertise other websites, forums, or game servers here. If you'd like to advertise your GunZ server, visit: GunZ Servers.
    [6] Don't post your contact details (Discord, Skype, Facebook, etc) in public topics to seek or offer help. You may send users private messages or visitor messages for such purposes.
    [7] Don't post warez (illegal/unlicensed software), hacks, exploits, or any malicious material.
    [8] Buying or selling is not allowed.
    [9] Utilize the report button instead of mini-modding or commenting in spam topics.

    Violating these rules may result in warnings or infractions, and consequently, bans.


    • If you have issues with a moderator or require assistance from someone with greater authority, contact a Super Moderator or Supervisor.
    • You may send me a private message if you require assistance. I'll be happy to help.
    • For RaGEZONE related news and updates, visit: The Headquarters
    • For account related support, forum bug reports/suggestions, visit: The Front Desk
    • For RaGEZONE's complete staff list, visit: Staff List
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