buddies,about new engine questions !!

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    happy buddies,about new engine questions !!

    Hello,Little buddy ^^, I have two questions need buddies help

    One,New engine dont hava server list(like int server),how to modify it?

    Two,How to Removal The New engine Second password?

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    Re: buddies,about new engine questions !!

    What files u are using ?

    To change the serverlist, i found a nice tutorial with the search function on this Forum:
    [Tutorial] How to connect to your own server.

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    Re: buddies,about new engine questions !!

    its not about the engine its about the config
    and even both old/new crypted configs included server list you just need to unpack the config and edit the x-late.dat file
    *about the secondary password edit the Protection.txt file located @Serverfiles/Configs
    just change the true to false it will be like that
    Active = false

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