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    Lineage2 Private Server

    These are doubts and questions about the applicant's private servers:

    Let's be clear here the question:

    - "Because some great servers and good close and others do not which is a license and obtaining a?"

    The answer is quite technical and rather long, so pay attention because the subject is of general interest:

    A: - "is a matter of some being properly licensed and others not, but there are also other special issues involved."

    First point: What really needs to leave and what does not need?

    We split into pieces the answer below and start the emulator (the type of review to be used)

    Part 1: In our case (emulator) L2JDream, L2JFrozen and other, is released by law because it is an open source code with custom customizations that is characterized as a new product allowing project authors (staff Dream) charge or tariff equivalents usage costs and or resale of their work over the open source "Java" and so the end user (you riding the server with the Dream revision) is heading in accordance with the laws and respecting the will of the creators of this product.

    In short: L2J can be emulated without legal problems since it is an open source code.

    Part 2: In the case of "vulgar L2OFF" that it is a replica of the original programming under the recognized legal rights of NCsoft is the use of the same crime;

    Tell yourself to NCsoft never released or sold programming license their servers and thus criminalizing revisions "l2off" in the act of sale, use or share as they are not directed to NCsoft owns all of the rights.

    In short, when it is a project in "L2Off" it is illegal and your server will be closed when found by law.

    Part 3: The client and the patcher to be installed on the user's computer (the installer and system L2)

    Again we speak of NCsoft but this time there is a difference, even NCSoft and holds the client's copyright and its derivatives "the system" there is al a second company involved that is called Unreal Engines (NCsoft to pay for the Unreal rights engine usage that gives life to the game) and this complicates the matter a little more ...

    Let the explanation: Even if you use an emulator (Dream) that is permitted by law yet you are using a software (the client) illegally and that your server can be closed and you processed by NCsoft in accordance with the laws American of "infringement of copyright" under the jurisdiction of the FBI and severe penalties including imprisonment in the USA and millions dollars in fines corrected ... so we went to the second point ...

    Second point: How the system works and rules of the licenses?

    We split into pieces the answer again and started down by the client (the chronicle of L2 used)

    The legal sector of NCsoft has a clear rule as the granting of leave on products in which the use is inviolable release time for partners, developers and or private servers ... thus:

    Partners (LevelUP, GameCenter, NCSoft USA, etc ...) receive a product use concession underway to rê sales quotas (items, credits, etc ...) connected directly to the progress of NCsoft Korea matrix which develops and is responsible for the quality of the products presented to the end user (you)

    Independent developers (programmers and private enterprises entertainment) receive the right to buy a license for products "out of service" that is derived from the previous commercial product that is currently in use (or is always that customer who left recently for use enter a new or older yet) where the commercial sector of global company defines values according to their own judgment of values under each concession.

    Finally licenses for Servers Fan (private servers) that can always require the purchase of a license to sub products out of circulation in this case will be 3 or 4 customers below the current (official in Erthea client licenses would be up to Gracia Epilogue) and so on according to the rule of the older lower the value of this commercial license of use for private projects.

    There is another point that is against the Unreal Engine that also needs to be purchased the license along to the customer or you can be prosecuted in the same way and have sealed your server by the FBI for the same offense of "infringement of copyright" then we talk about it down in third point ...

    Third point: How to get the license and records to private servers?

    Let's talk about the two licenses required: (client NCsoft & Unreal plugin)

    NCSoft: As stated above respecting the company's decisions on which product you can apply for a license under its buyer profile (partner, developer or fan) just get in touch with the commercial sector of the International NCsoft provided with:

    - CNPJ of your company or club legally registered and taxes on time;

    - Name fantasy and web domain (.com) registered in the name of your company;

    - If partner "address of your web store and last annual balance sheet of the commercial sector";

    - If Developer "prospectus and ultimate aim of the work will be made public along with estimated period of development";

    - If Server Fan "list of names and associated cpf / users or employees of the server and the maximum number of estimated users";

    - Credit Card and a lot of money in the account.

    Unreal: It's simpler but this wrapped the purchase of NCsoft license where required:

    - Presentation of NCSoft License for evaluation and calculation values;

    - CNPJ of the company or club that was purchased from NCSoft License;

    - Time required for use of the license and DirectX information used in the product;

    - Credit Card and a lot of money in the account.

    Contact the companies: This must be done directly on the responsible internationally for brand site;

    Getting in touch by phone (fluent English) and or e-mail if your registration is approved on the site.

    I remember that for Brazil is complicated by the international laws of secrecy created by the Lula government and signed by Dilma;

    So first of all make the CNPJ of your company or club is permitted to international purchase.

    Fourth point: What are the prices of licenses and how to pay?

    Now that comes the part where 95% of the projects / servers give up to get the two licenses required:

    Customer NCSoft:

    There's no telling exact values but based caught the last sale I have knowledge of "customer C3" which was 43mil real (in March 2014);

    From this value and based on my license "customer Interlude" which was about the actual 80mil (about 2 years ago)

    You can calculate how much you will be charged and or installments on your international credit card ...

    It all depends on your buyer profile is presented to NCSoft purpose and of course the younger the largest customer will be the charge.

    Unreal Plugin:

    Based on the last purchases which have been informed or had access to values (including mine) when they adopt similar values;

    This varies from 40% to 60% of the amount paid for the license NCsoft (eg I paid 40mil since in NC were real 80mil)

    NOTE: The amounts shown are corrected for this date (November-2014)

    Having said all this:

    I think the answer the most common questions are according to reality and answered correctly;

    If I ask the website link of the commercial sector of the companies I will ignore the question immediately because there is no capacity for this will have minimal conditions to get your record for the two companies with very less chances to buy your license.

    To investigate the information posted here ask you to contact the companies mentioned; registration of clients is confidential and any additional information that I come here to provide would be breaking the rules of my own contract and thus losing my license.

    Remember, products under development (maximum of 90dias) does not require use of licenses and this is why many private servers close before the expiration of this period and to return to the air you need to register a new domain (.com) for when we speak of Lineage2 mark his record is as a commercial product and not a sharing of product as the 2D games of Facebook and other social networks.

    Zayne Millano
    Anderson J. Peres