L2Font-e Gracia Part 2

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    Post L2Font-e Gracia Part 2

    I asked for help, but nobody anwser so i think a bit and i find a way!

    guys i know that this way is boring !! and bla bla bla!!

    but for everyone who want to edit L2Font-e.utx or other utx that we want only change 2 or 3 dds.

    it is the boring way, but the oly 100% working for now!

    So lets say u want to edit L2Font-e. First we extract all the dds of the L2Font-e.utx with the "L2ViewUTX". Why with L2ViewUTX to keep the "DXT" compression.

    all of them so u will see them in the L2ViewUTX folder.

    Then open the UnrealEd and import the first file. lets say the "start_logo-e.dds"

    but u have to know which "Group" is that dds!!

    so here u open the l2utxfixerCT2.exe and u fix the "L2Font-e".

    This way you are able to open the with the UTPT.

    so know u have open the l2font-e-fixed.utx with the UTPT. search for our files:

    and like you see. it is in group "Skins":

    then add in the UnrealEd like that :

    Now the properties:

    Check the dds in the UTPT:

    then look for any special thing like "bAlphaTexture"

    Then go to the UnrealEd and put all the special properties!!

    then save the utx then u will find the utx in the teture folder of the UnrealEd

    then just encrypt with l2encdec:

    with that command:
     l2encdec -h 121 L2Font-e.utx
    and then is ready for use from the Client. Works 100% for Lineage 2 Gracia Part 2

    just tell if it work fo u!!

    actualy i could share my L2Font-e that is allready fixed. but i want to make u mad

    Enjoy !!!

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    Re: L2Font-e Gracia Part 2

    Excellent and detailed as always. Good job Nik

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    Re: L2Font-e Gracia Part 2

    Where can I download l2utxfixerCT2?

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    Re: L2Font-e Gracia Part 2

    I find ^^. Here the link:

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    Re: L2Font-e Gracia Part 2

    erm can anybody post an l2font-e.utx i need 1 tnx :D l2 sea doesnt have l2font-e.utx :(

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    Re: L2Font-e Gracia Part 2

    Did everything u said (except- i changed the loading02-e, not the logo), but cant save that L2Font-e.utx with UnrealED. when i click Save, it get an error message: "The filename you specified has one or more spaces in it. Unreal filenames cannot contain spaces." But in the file name ARE NOT any spaces and aaagh all the files, they are so many

    EDIT: found the problem. -> http://www.ataricommunity.com/foru:t.../t-313290.html