HabMore ~ Brand New Retro. Just opened!

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    HabMore ~ Brand New Retro. Just opened!

    HabMore has finally opened its doors this evening. HabMore is an updated r63b retro based on plusemu (i know how original). We have a fully updated catalog and updating it more and more everyday. We currently have 3 owners and are looking for a hotel manager. If you are interested just send me a PM.

    Our goal with this retro is to bring back the fun in Habbo. Our goal is to more of a community based hotel, and getting to know every single person in the hotel and creating a repore with them.

    Our 3 owners are very experienced with habbo retros and habbo in general. We have been around for quite some time.... We have an updated catalog, a Radio in which we are hiring DJs for, diamonds, working groups, a forum and much more features.

    The URL is; HabMore Hotel - Make friends, join the fun, get noticed!



    We are always looking for feedback to better our hotel. So if you have any suggestions we would love to hear it!

    The host is located in the UK!

    Hope to see you online!

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    Re: HabMore ~ Brand New Retro. Just opened!

    Do you still use your hotel? I think thats good

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    Re: HabMore ~ Brand New Retro. Just opened!

    URL is being redirected to tedshotel?