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    cool HoloRP - A new virtual realistic role-play. - Unique

    HoloRP - Virtual World, Avatar Chat, and Pixel Art.
    What is HoloRP?
    - HoloRP is a new role-playing server that opened under Open BETA mode on Sunday, 3rd April 2016. HoloRP provides variety of features that other role-plays did not come up with before. HoloRP strives to be realistic as possible and maintain its professional image.

    Why choose "HoloRP"?
    - HoloRP is very unique from other RP's in many ways! Don't you get bored of other RP's having basic Role-play features and rooms and constantly not being updated? Don't you hate when staff are ignorant and you get treated horrible, seeing abusive cops, civilians just spam kill you out of no where, get joke-bullied, having unexpected arguments, not able to get what you want and everyone's extremely ruining the RP's reputation by doing whatever they want? I can guarantee that none of this will happen.

    More Information:
    HoloRP is currently in Open BETA, you may encounter any bugs that you may find.
    Link? Attention Required! | CloudFlare

    - HoloRP offers a lot of unique features, which not limited to:

    • Updated
    • Crafting System
    • Stable emulator (based off Plus)
    • NodeJS
    • Hunger and Hygiene system
    • Fast and speedy website
    • DDoS protection
    • Gym
    • Interactive Police System
    • Hoverboards / swgways
    • Delivery Bots
    • Unique Job / Gang system
    • Mini games (Only Brawl at the moment)
    • Tutorials
    • Information Terminals (help)
    • Gun permits
    • Apartments
    • etc.


    Note: The CMS is still being developed!


    That is all, you can check out more on Attention Required! | CloudFlare

    Social media:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoloRP/

    P.S.: Sorry for this lame advertisement thread, I will improve it when I am in a better mood.
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    Re: HoloRP - A new virtual realistic role-play. - Unique

    Wow! NodeJS!? That's a pretty huge accomplishment!

    EDIT: Ah, now I see. Based on Plus. Well, what've you done in NodeJS?