[INFORMATION] Several Tips to Gain Users to Your Server!

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    [INFORMATION] Several Tips to Gain Users to Your Server!


    Wanting more users on your server? With a little effort you could double, triple or quadruple your user base in no time! Try some of the following;

    • Include a rather nice 468x60 banner in the header of your post
    • Use well produced clear content and matching colour to your banner
    • In-depth selection of features (people want to know what seperates your server from the others)
    • Screenshots!

    And finally one of the most overlooked feature of ragezone, the social bookmarks below, for a few moment of your time, by submitting your website to such networks as ; Digg, Facebook, Twitter , StumbledUpon you are vastlicy increasing your exposure to people.

    Happy Administrating!

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