[Arcturus] Quick fix achievements

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    ! [Arcturus] Quick fix achievements

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    If your an Arcturus user you might have noticed that achievements are completely broken and they are not going to be fixed for a while. So, I made a "simple" tutorial on how to disable the bug.

    First off:
    Go to your database and open table "achievements".

    Find every achievement level with 10 or 20 (the last level of the achievement) and make them impossible to achieve. For example update: RoomDeco 341 = 9999999.

    This will basically block users from achieving the last level that is broken in Arcturus.

    In case all your users already have 50000 achievement score of whatever, then run this on your database:
    UPDATE users_settings SET AchievementScore = '0';
    Hope this helped.

    Credits: @The General for Arcturus obviously lol
    Me for doing the stupidest quick fix possible...
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