Fix ugly pixelated Habbo

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    Hi all!

    A few years ago, when i bought a new laptop, Habbo started looking pixelated, very unsharp. I have seen the same on many computers. For a long time, i just couldn't fix this. I have had this issue on both the official Habbo and retros. Here's how it looked with this issue:

    Yesterday i finally managed to fix it! These are the steps:

    1. Click on your start button
    2. Type 'Display' and click on 'Display Settings'.
    3. Set 'Change the size of text, apps and other items' to 100% instead of 125%.

    After applying the fix:

    Maybe you have never had this issue, but i know many people do.
    Enjoy prettier pixels!
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    Re: Fix ugly pixelated Habbo

    Just thought I would add, another solution is to just change the zoom setting of the page in your browser. It's a little simpler and also if your display settings are set to 125% size for a specific reason, you won't need to change that setting :)
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