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    RevCMS - Tips & Tricks

    RevCMS Fixes

    So this clearly was made for those who are not bothered to navigate through the whole section to find one fix so here you can basically find them all as well as that I'm going to try to add more soon if there are any other fixes

    RevCMS Seckey error

    So a lot of people have this problem that once they've extracted their CMS to their directory that they can't register because it's showing a seckey error which is clearly making them and a lot of others unable to register.

    ALTER TABLE `users` ADD `seckey` VARCHAR(999)
    News Preview fix

    There is this problem in your Habbo RevCMS Theme that if you go to your news your navigator doesn't show up the other news titles and here is the way to fix this thanks to Cronic for making this fix and making others able to use.

    Replace from:

     $news = $engine->fetch_assoc
    all the way to the bottom of your class.forms.php

     $news = $engine->fetch_assoc("SELECT title, shortstory, longstory, author, published FROM cms_news WHERE id = '" . $engine->secure($_GET['id']) . "' LIMIT 1"); $template->setParams('newsTitle', $news['title']); $template->setParams('newsContent', $news['longstory']); $template->setParams('newsAuthor', $news['author']); $template->setParams('newsDate', date("d-m-y", $news['published'])); $template->setParams('newsPreview', $news['shortstory']); unset($result); unset($news1); unset($news); } final public function getPageHome() { global $template, $engine; $a = 1; $data = mysql_query("SELECT title, id, published, shortstory, image FROM cms_news ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 5"); while($news = mysql_fetch_array($data, MYSQL_ASSOC)) { $template->setParams('newsTitle-' . $a, $news['title']); $template->setParams('newsID-' . $a, $news['id']); $template->setParams('newsDate-' . $a, date("d-m-y", $news['published'])); $template->setParams('newsPreview', $news['shortstory']); $template->setParams('newsCaption-' . $a, $news['shortstory']); $template->setParams('newsIMG-' . $a, $news['image']); $a++; } unset($news); unset($data); } } ?>
    Making a Room your Home room

    So a lot of hotels have these welcome rooms and people want everyone to go to there when they are going on to the hotel so by doing this you can just make people go to that room once they go in to the client.

    Go to rooms in your database and find memorize the id of the room you want as homeroom then execute the following SQL in phpMyAdmin or Navicat -
    UPDATE users SET home_room = 'THEROOMIDHERE'
    change the 'THEROOMIHERE' to the Room ID you chose before.

    Fixing News Author

    When your name isn't showing as the author

    In Navicat Got to cms_news table> File > Design Table in Navicat and change type of "author" field to "varchar".

    Can't register twice

    Go to class.user and go to line 104 and just change this.

     if($engine->num_rows("SELECT * FROM users WHERE ip_reg = '" . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] . "'") == 1)

    Change the value ''1' to your value and then your able to register even more however i don't advise that when people are being ignorant and you ban them and then they re-register.

    Figure fix

    Many people have when you are going to your /me page for example that it doesn't show your look / figure and this is the basic way to fix that.

    Go to me.php for example and look for and change that to for example: or whatever you want and it should show up your figure again.


    Kryptos: Maker of RevCMS

    Lepos: Making the list before me on a rival forum

    Cronics & Others: Making the news review fix

    This may be my first release / guide but be sure to give as many feedback / suggestions possible so you can help me in the future of releasing things so be sure to do that so you can help me out

    Also be sure to reputation me if you think this really helped you and others as well to like this post if you think it helped loads of people and I'll be sure to reputation you back and like your post
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    Re: RevCMS - Tips & Tricks

    I think that these same old fixes are being posted here WAY too often, but thanks for these I suppose.

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    Re: RevCMS - Tips & Tricks

    Yes these are the basic fixes but I'm searching for some new one you may also add some new ones and I'll add them and if these are your fixes then i will add your name in the credits so people know who came with this fix and so to prevent argues about what is who's and who started it first.
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    Re: RevCMS - Tips & Tricks

    Fix: Avatar problems .. [not showing] on me page.
    1. Find .... etc.
    2. Replace with So your url for avatars will be

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    Re: RevCMS - Tips & Tricks

    Thanks, I'll add that right away.