corrupted images..

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    corrupted images..

    hello people.
    so i just did the regular backup that i always do every second month.. just putting all config, save and other important files from my crappy, but expensive, 2year old laptop onto my external harddrive (some seagate one). im doing this because i already had lots of problems with this laptop and im scared that it will someday breaks completetly and i dont wanna loose my stuff so yea

    today, after doing the backup, i realized that a few images in one img folder of a game from my collection are corrupted.. looks like this:

    if i open them in an editor, they are completetly white or black..
    can someone explain me how this happened? is it possible that this happens again?
    i have around 2100 images in this one folder.. might that be the trigger for this problem? the other image folders with around 30-600 images are fine..