[Discussion] Your favorite Virtualization Software? (and why?)

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    talk [Discussion] Your favorite Virtualization Software? (and why?)

    Hi All,

    Thought I should seek some opinions in regards to your favorite or preferable Virtualization Software.
    Due to upcoming project, I have been looking in them a bit more lately and had a bit of a headache deciding which one would be best..
    On my case, I was looking for something, that would support at least 7-10 Virtual Machines with 4-6 GB Ram and 200GB space in each of them, and as some of you know, each Virtualization Software has their own limitations.
    Up to now, I've been using Oracle VirtualBox, but sadly after 5th Virtual Server it became laggy and started to mess around, even thought I have been using it for quite a while, I've decided to go for something a bit more sophisticated, so came to conclusion to choose VMware (not because they are Top 1 Leaders in Virtualization in the World), due to the fact that VMware Workstation Pro offers everything that I need (Multiple Virtual Machines without any issues, as it "gives" enterprise quality), plus - it has a very easy settings panel, in which I can increase RAMs and space, or if it is even more detailed - add additional processors to the virtual machines, the only con for it is that it is not free and I am not the type of guy who goes for cracked stuff, but then again, a single life-time license for 250 euros is not a big price to pay.

    If you are using any of the Virtualization Softwares, such as: VMware Workstation, WMvare vSphere, any other product of VMware, Oracle VirtualBox, KVM, QEMU, Hyper-V, or any other software, share your opinion, how long have you been using it? What type of projects has been placed there and such?

    It is valuable to listen for personal opinions and preferences when deciding about a new product.
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    Re: [Discussion] Your favorite Virtualization Software? (and why?)

    Oracle Virtualbox. Was decent in my opinion but was pretty laggy even on my rig.
    Hyper-V. Is okay but the only down fall it requires the Pro version of windows in order to get it but while i had it i didn't really have any problems.

    I ran Kali Linux And Multiple Windows OS on both software and hyper v worked better in my opinion.
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