[Rules and General Info]

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    [Rules and General Info]

    This is the section to post any help requests and only help requests.

    All of the rules from the main Hardware/Software section applies to this sub section. In addition to those rules, there are another set of rules for this one. If you break them you will receive an infraction. No ifs, ands or buts!

    1. Do not bump up old threads that do not belong to you.
    2. You are required to read all posts in a thread before posting. This is required to have people stop posting things that have already been suggested tried and failed.
    3. Keep to the topic at hand. Any off topic chatting will be deleted. (infraction won't issued to this unless it is habitual)
    4. Be nice. This section is to help people and not insult them. If you cannot follow this simple rule you will receive an infraction and may have your post removed

    NoPeace - out
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    Re: [Rules and General Info]

    As a friendly help, If any post I view has a mis-labeled title, I will help out and start setting them to what they should be named. Label your posts accurately, as this helps everyone else out when they are searching for a particular problem they are having. If you continue to post inaccurate titles I will send you a personal message to correct the issue, along with a warning.. thank you!

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