English C1 Server Files 100% Working!!

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    Re: [SHARE] English C1 Server Files 100% Working!!

    When starting up l2server it crashes with this error, any suggestions.

    Server Up Time Mon Apr 14 08:44:23 2008

    Current Time : Mon Apr 14 08:44:42 2008

    Elapsed Time : 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 19 seconds
    IOBufferPool - 2997

    [(3228) 2008/04/14 08:44:42]: =======================
    an Access Violation in module L2Server.exe at 001b:00454d77.
    start at 2008/4/14 08:44:20
    Write to location 00000000 caused an access violation.

    EAX=00000001 CS=001b EIP=00454d77 EFLGS=00010216
    EBX=7c80929c SS=0023 ESP=7203fe60 EBP=7203fe90
    ECX=7203fe84 DS=0023 ESI=7065f2dc FS=003b
    EDX=00000000 ES=0023 EDI=0004ed10 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    c6 05 00 00 00 00 01 8b 4d f4 64 89 0d 00 00 00
    Stack dump:
    7203fe60: 0004ed10 7065f2dc 7c80929c 7c80977a 00539c15 034954a0 70589ca0 21af10cc
    7203fe80: 7203fe60 7203feb4 005a4b00 ffffffff 7203fec0 00539654 0036f9fc 7065f2dc
    7203fea0: 7c80929c 0004ecb4 0053aa74 3de22f3c 7203fe98 7203fee0 005afa70 ffffffff
    7203fec0: 7203feec 00539814 0036f9fc 7065f2dc 7c80929c 7203ff08 7203fee8 7203fec8
    7203fee0: 7203ff68 005afaa0 ffffffff 7203ff74 0053be2a 00000000 00000001 0053cbe6
    7203ff00: 00000001 00000000 706605cc 00000000 00000001 70659b48 00000000 00001000
    7203ff20: 00010000 bffeffff 00000003 00000002 0000024a 00010000 2302000f fb7ee5d8
    7203ff40: fb34a2e8 bffd8000 ebb50c88 00000000 0004eca0 00000005 00000000 706605cc
    7203ff60: 7065f2dc 7203ff0c 7203ffa4 005afca0 ffffffff 7203ffb4 0053cd1b 00000001
    7203ff80: 70659b48 0058eb2a 00000001 00000000 00000000 70659b48 c0000005 7203ff8c

    ver = Jun 8 2004____15:38:30 thread id=1

    void IOThread_common(void *arglist) <--
    void CIOSocket::ReadCallback(DWORD dwTransferred) <--
    void CIOSocket::Close() <--
    void CDBSocket::OnClose() <--
    AuthSocket Closed

    Thread[0] (good): Lock Stack :

    Thread[1] (ahehe): Lock Stack :

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    Re: [SHARE] English C1 Server Files 100% Working!!

    Everytime I load L2NPC it crushes it doesnt even open.. any idea why ?

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    Re: [SHARE] English C1 Server Files 100% Working!!

    nice share :D
    i need some help , it seems the file "0_create-db.sql" from DBScript is missing
    i has trying to setup the db and the file is missing :S
    can some one plz share this file .. ty in advance

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    Re: [SHARE] English C1 Server Files 100% Working!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Summit View Post
    These files will die on April 28, 2008. I am closing my Account on the Download Site.
    I thought I would leave a little note. these files are not dead as of 5/12/2009 they are still currently downloadalbe from file share

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    Re: English C1 Server Files 100% Working!!

    Hello friends, I am new to l2off, running the cache, I get a box to enter user loguin and Pasword. But enter the user and Pasword my database and I can not work. Help me, thank you very much


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    Re: English C1 Server Files 100% Working!!

    Would it be possible for someone to re-upload or get the C1 client at least please?

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