Arcturus Emulator 1.16.0

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    Arcturus Emulator 1.16.0

    Hello all!

    Arcturus is now stable release. See the bitbucket page below.

    Wiki + Download info: (Please leave a like )

    Join the Arcturus discord to talk to other hotel owners, ask for quick help and share your ideas! CLICK HERE

    All server to client headers have been documented in here

    Plugin examples can be found on the forums, will make a seperate repository dedicated to plugins. Feel free to send me links to your plugin repo's and I will add them to the overview page.

    Latest compiled version can be found here.

    Please report bugs, issues and feature requests on the issue tracker:

    Development Thread: Habbo Emulator ~ Java - Maven - Netty - HikariCP - Trove

    - Wireds (Triggers, Effects, Conditions, Custom Wireds)
    - Pets (Advanced AI)
    - Guilds
    - Trading
    - Limited Rares
    - Seasonal Currency
    - Guardians
    - Mod Tool
    - Bots
    - Games (Battle Banzai & Freeze)
    - Floorplan editor.
    - Bundles
    - Room bundles
    - Crackable items (Pinatas, easter eggs, balloons)
    - Marketplace
    - YoutubeTVs.
    - Internal badge generator
    - Monsterplants
    - Dino pets
    - Crafting
    - Ice Tag / Bunny Tag / Roller Skating
    - Football
    - Much more. LOL

    All I ask from the community is to contribute to the project so we can build a feature rich stable emulator! Also keep it open source, no renames and keep the original credits. Contributors will be added, so contribute and you will receive your share of fame :)

    Feel free to contact me on Skype: wesley.jabbo

    Plugin Examples:
    Bubble Alerts
    Welcome Alert Plugin
    Kickwars Plugin
    Leave a comment if you've made your own plugin and I'll add you to the list!


    Q: What interactions does Arcturus have?
    Q: I'm getting "Invalid maximum heap size: -Xmx4096M"
    A: Lower the maximum heap size by editing the start.bat. Change 4096 to something say 1024. This is the amount of maximum RAM the emulator can use.

    Q: How do I start it?
    A: Click the start.bat if you are on Windows. Use "java -jar ArcturusEmulator.jar" if you are on Linux / MacOS

    Q: Compatible CMS?
    A: There is none. So if you make one, release it and I will give credit. You can for now use this client:

    Q: How does RCON Work?
    A: RCON (Formerly known as MUS) is a socket that can receive JSON commands and will output data accordingly. There have been a few RCON Commands implemented, more will come as time progresses. Feel free to request certain commands. Example for RCON can be found here:

    Q: Event command not showing anything!
    A: Add this to your external_flash_texts
    notification.hotel.event.linkTitle=Join %ROOMNAME%
    notification.hotel.event.title=Event Invite
    Q: My catalog makes me disconnect.
    A: Add this to your external_variables:
    Q: How to configure Camera?
    A: Change in emulator_settings the configuration camera.item_id to the item that acts as your photo.
    Change the interaction type of the photo furniture to external_image
    Change in external_variables
    navigator.thumbnail.url_base=http://a// USERNAME HERE/thumbnail_
    Double check config.ini

    Q: Whats the imager for YoutubeTVs?
    A: Use this:
    header('Content-Type: image/jpeg');
    $img = imageCreateFromJpeg($_GET['url']);
    Q: What do all the permissions mean????

    • room_effect - Defines the effect ID this user should wear when they enter a room
    • log_commands - Defines wether this users commands will be logged to database
    • acc_anychatcolor - Ability to use any chat color
    • acc_anyroomowner - Owner rights in every room
    • acc_empty_others - Empty other's inventories
    • acc_see_whispers - See whispers in the room
    • acc_superwired - Use the super wireds
    • acc_supporttool - Has mod tools
    • acc_unkickable - Unable to kick from room
    • acc_guildgate - Ability to enter any group gate
    • acc_moverotate - Rights to move and rotate furniture in any room
    • acc_placefurni - Rights to place furni in any room
    • acc_unlimited_bots - Ability to buy unlimited bots
    • acc_unlimited_pets - Ability to buy unlimited pets
    • acc_hide_ip - Hide IP from mod tools
    • acc_not_mimiced - Unable to mimic this user
    • acc_chat_no_flood - Bypass flood filter
    • acc_staff_chat - Display Staff Chat group
    • acc_staff_pick - Ability to add rooms to Public view
    • acc_enteranyroom - Bypass doorbells & passwords
    • acc_fullrooms - Enter full rooms
    • acc_infinite_credits - Credit counter does not decrease
    • acc_infinite_pixels - Duckets counter does not decrease
    • acc_infinite_points - Points counter does not decrease
    • acc_ambassador - Has ambassador rights in every room
    • acc_debug - Ability to use the :test command
    • acc_chat_no_limit - Chat distance is unlimited for this user
    • acc_chat_no_filter - Bypass the word filter
    • acc_nomute - Unable to mute this user
    • acc_guild_admin - Group admin for every group
    • acc_catalog_ids - View page IDs in the catalog
    • acc_modtool_ticket_q - Ability to see list of tickets in Mod Tools
    • acc_modtool_user_logs - Ability to see user's chat logs in Mod Tools
    • acc_modtool_user_alert - Ability to alert through mod tools
    • acc_modtool_user_kick - Ability to kick through mod tools
    • acc_modtool_user_ban - Ability to ban through mod tools
    • acc_modtool_room_info - Ability to see room info through mod tools
    • acc_modtool_room_logs - Ability to see chatlogs for room
    • acc_trade_anywhere - Ability to trade in rooms without trading enabled
    • acc_update_notifications - Not used
    • acc_helper_use_guide_tool - Access to the helper tools
    • acc_helper_give_guide_tours - Ability to give tours through helper tool
    • acc_helper_judge_chat_reviews - Ability to handle bully reports through helper tools
    • acc_floorplan_editor - Can use the floor plan editor
    • acc_camera - Allowed to use camera
      //List by @Beny.

    Q: I am getting errors when starting the emulator.
    A: Make sure you don't import the database using navicat.

    Q: Can I get the source?
    A: For what?

    Q: How do I make plugins?
    A: Check the link posted above.

    Q: Where can I download Arcturus, it says no permission to view this repository.
    A: Click the wiki icon on the left.

    Q: I have a bug, where do I report it?
    A: Create a new issue on bitbucket for it if it doesn't exist yet.

    Q: Fastfood is black?
    A: Contact me.

    Q: Can you help me?
    A: Post in the help section and we all help you.

    Q: ERMAGERGH Cant Trade !??!?
    A: If you do not use the citizenship track, set in emulator_settings to 0. Set to 1. Set the flag for trading in the navigator_flatcats table to 1 for the categories that you want to allow trading in. In external_variables (and override) set citizenship.enabled=1

    Q: How do guild badges work?
    A: Arcturus uses an internal badge imager. It generates the image and saves it to a folder. Link to the is on the bitbucket page. Search in emulator_settings for %imager% as key and you will find the two paths you'll have to edit.

    Q: How to disabled cloudflare for the camera?
    Quote Originally Posted by smasher1994 View Post
    1. Login to Cloudflare
    2. Go to "Firewall" Section
    3. Scroll down until IP-Firewall ┬╗ Access Rules
    4. Fill out the form:

    5. Click the green button "Add" and it should work
    Q: How does superwired work?
    A: You can either just use the regular badge code as reward or use one of the following:


    Updates 1.7.0

    API: Added SupportRoomActionEvent plugin event. Triggered when a moderator uses the room actions panel (close, kick, change title)
    API: Added SupportUserAlertedEvent plugin event. Triggered when a moderator uses the mod tool alert option.
    API: Added SupportUserBannedEvent plugin event. Triggered when a moderator bans a user.
    API: Added UserCatalogItemPurchasedEvent. Holds the items that will be purchased. List can be modified to add more HabboItems
    API: Renamed FurnitureBoughtEvent to UserCatalogFurnitureBoughtEvent.
    API: UserCatalogBoughtEvent now takes the list of items bought instead of an individual HabboItem.
    Updated getTilesAround method in RoomLayout (Pathfinder Update)
    Updated InteractionCustomValues.
    Updated InteractionFootball for new pathfinder.
    Updated InteractionVendingMachine. (Pathfinder).
    Updated ModTool chatlogs to include proper timestamp.
    Updated ModToolManager.
    Updated pathfinder to take in account other walkable furniture.
    Updated PetPlaceEvent so pets get placed in front of you or around you or at the door (In that order of checks) if you are a guest.
    Updated UpdateGuildPartsCommand to also reload the BadgeImager.
    Added 500ms delay to WiredEffectMoveFurniAway. (Needs further evaluating)
    Added 500ms delay to WiredEffectMoveFurniTowards. (Needs further evaluating)
    Added alert(Habbo, Habbo String) method to the ModToolManager.
    Added ban(int, Habbo, String, int, ModToolBanType) to the ModToolManager. Note: createBan() will be removed in 1.8.0
    Added check to cmd_lay to make sure tiles are walkable.
    Added clearing cached images to the BadgeImager.
    Added football game. Thanks                        @beny
    Added interaction colorplate. This is not an official interaction but personally would be an usefull one to add.
    Added interaction effect_toggle. Requires you to wear an effect in order to toggle the furniture. Furniture state will not be reset back to 0. To define the effects use effect_male_id and effect_female_id and interaction_modes_count for the amount of states.
    Added interaction room_o_matic. Opens the room creation window.
    Added item instance check to random toggle.
    Added kick(Habbo, Habbo String) method to the ModToolManager.
    Added missing check to
    Added missing check to RoomUserBanEvent for RoomRights.
    Added missing check to
    Added more detailed error logging to BadgeImager.
    Added most recent ban to the userinfo window.
    Added Plugin Event BotServeItemEvent.
    Implemented new pathfinder Version 1. Needs more testing but seems to be working way better than previously.
    Placing a pet now makes the pet look at you.
    When a tile cannot be found for pets or bots when loading the room (Maybe because of database changes), they will spawn in the door.
    Added Ability to set reward type for achievements                        @Beny.
    Added Staff override manage all groups                        @Beny.
    Added Staff override group delete                        @Beny.
    Bulk trading.                        @Beny.
    Fixed bug in CloseDiceEvent packet not checking for dice.
    Fixed concurrent modification exception in when clearing inactive guilds.
    Fixed lagg bug in WiredEffectToggleFurni.
    Fixed pathfinder nullpointer issue.
    Fixed possible nullpointer exception in hasIPBan.
    Fixed possible nullpointerexception in SummonCommand where RoomTile would be null.
    Fixed possible synchronization issue in loading room / room cycle Room:run().
    Fixed possible wired infinite loop. (Might have accidently broken some wired combinations. Please let me know!)
    Fixed SQL typo in RoomManager.
    Fixed teleporting bug by adding additional checks.
    Fixed typo in SQL.
    Fixed walking on tiles. Should be more correct now.
    Fixed WiredEffectBotClothes not saving.
    Fixed wired onclick.
    Fixed WiredToggle not toggling furniture.
    Fixed wired toggle not working on gates for users without rights.
    Fixed wired toggle not working on multiheight for users without rights.
    WiredTriggerRepeater can no longer be repeating under 500ms delay.
    Wired now properly toggles on click furniture.
    Wired Trigger Keyword Says now makes the whole sentence as whisper and only triggers once.
    Fix for group rights icon inverted                        @Beny.
    Fix error message in console because imager not enabled                        @Beny.
    Removed popular rooms from search result.

    Updates 1.6.0

    Improved pathfinder speed.Fixed SQL syntax error.
    Random friend room now takes you to a random room in a random category as opposed to previously where it was the category defined for hotel.friendcategory
    When wearing an effect and saving the look of the bot, your effect will be applied to the bot.
    Changed so -1 for :setspeed does not roll the rollers.
    Made teleports more user friendly.
    Added pet rock box.
    Added user banning via mod tools.
    Added user trade locking via mod tools.
    Added user alert via mod tools.
    Added more achievements.
    Added achievement queue (database table users_achievements_queue) which progresses the achievements upon login
    Added configuration option maximum roller speed for setspeed command.
    Added catalog_item_id to vouchers. Purchases the catalog item linked to it (without being charged)
    Added reload room command (:reloadroom)
    Fixed disconnecting from staff chat.
    Fixed whispering saving to the database.
    Fixed wordfilter in the private chat messages.
    Fixed Wired Effect Chase
    Fixed Wired Effect Flee
    Fixed wall items not showing owner name.
    Fixed interaction multi height not being saved.
    Fixed ban command error messages.
    Fixed online not properly being set to 0 in database after disconnecting.
    Fixed interacting with vendingmachine not properly updating sitting.
    Fixed wired trigger Habbo Says Keyword. From equals to contains.

    Updates 1.5.0

    CanCreateRoom refactored                          @TheOleg
    Logging automatically creates required files and folders.
    No longer sending credits packet when no credits have been added.
    Purchasing a room bundle gives you an alert with a button to go the room.
    Staff Chat using the ADM badge as look.
    Update user correct height on Multiheight furni change
    Update user correct height on Multiheight furni change                          @Beny.
    Updated CFH Topics composer.
    Updated MySQL usage. Improved performance. Reduced memory usage.
    Added HotelViewCommunityGoalComposer
    Added WiredTriggerScoreAchieved
    Added achievement RoomDecoFurniCount
    Added achievement RoomDecoHoleFurniCount
    Added configuration option to specify the hall of fame winners other than the hall of fame points.
    Added maximum serving distance to butler bots.
    Added method giveHandItem to Room class.
    Added muting also being applied to commands.
    Added rights for buying room promotions.
    Added rooms with admin rights and rooms with rights to the promotable rooms list.
    Added scheduler class.
    Added to cool bubble alerts
    Fix for Issue #374 - Unable to create pet due to invalid name.                          @Beny.
    Fix for Issue #447 - WIRED toggle with Crackable                          @Beny.
    Fix for loading page when click on category                          @Beny.
    Fixed Freeze scoreboards not registering to the correct team.
    Fixed InteractionPressurePlate
    Fixed RCON executecommand.
    Fixed WiredConditionNotTriggerOnFurni also taking in account furniture bigger than 1x1
    Fixed butler bot not serving.
    Fixed crackable wired toggle issue.
    Fixed empty tags showing an hashtag (#)
    Fixed freeze (Atleast I think so)
    Fixed head rotation while sitting.
    Fixed nullpointer message.
    Fixed nullpointer when kicking people.
    Fixed petowner name not displaying.
    Fixed room categories not showing.
    Fixed stackhelper being placable under the floor.
    Fixed wired call stacks infinite loop.

    Updates 1.4.0

    Automatic camera client reconnecting.
    Made vending_ids be stored in Item class for any interaction type. (Could be used as mini datastorage)
    Renamed createRoom to createRoomForHabbo.
    Finally fixed the fucking mannequins.
    Added points type support to Usage: <points> or <points>:<type>
    Added simplified createRoom method.
    Added guild price being read from the emulator_settings tabl when purchasing a guild
    Added trade logging.
    Added publishing camera picture to web.
    Added check to FX Box so only people with room rights can use it.
    Added InteractionHabboClubTeleportTile 'club_teleporttile'
    Added interaction FX box: fx_box
    Added effect requirement to interaction crackable. Use column effect_id_male and effect_id_female to specify the effect requirement. Leave 0 for no effect requirement.
    Added method shout() to the Habbo class. Makes the Habbo shout in the room.
    Added method alertWithUrl() to the Habbo class. Sends an alert with an url to the Habbo.
    Added method goToRoom() to the Habbo class. Forwards the Habbo to the room.
    Added alert method to Habbo class.
    Added alert method to Room class.
    Added Plugin Room events.
    Added method setOwnerId(int ownerId);
    Added method setOwnerName(String ownerName);
    Added some gamecenter packets.
    Added configuration option to define whether users will get kicked when they walk on a door tile in public rooms.
    Added pet val11_present box.
    Added Gnome boxes.
    Added Leprechaun Boxes.
    Added Velocyrapor eggs.
    Added Pterodactyl eggs.
    Added monsterplant achievements.
    Added gnome achievements.
    Added leprechaun achievements.
    Added option to specify commands only people with room rights can execute. (0: Not Allowed, 1: Everywhere allowed, 2: Requires Room Rights)
    Added roomalert command
    Added monsterplants.
    Added CF_diamond_ redeeming support
    Fixed marketplace cancelling bug.
    Fixed disconnect in :empty.
    Fixed WiredEffectGiveBadge giving empty badges.
    Fixed WiredEffectGiveBadge giving empty badges.
    Fixed effects not applied to interaction pressure plate.
    Fixed rotating when laying.
    Fixed placing furniture outside the room.
    Fixed room bundle.
    Fixed batch update in achievements manager.
    Fixed empty inventory not loading.
    Fixed some mysql shit.
    Fixed wordfilter being applied to commands.
    Fixed collision wired.
    Fixed marketplace rounding errors.
    Fixed rank effect not properly showing when entering a room.
    Fixed :teleport command with teleporters.
    Fixed roompoints command by adding the missing emulator_texts entry.
    Fixed rank update not saving.
    Fixed trading disconnect.
    Fixed duplicate achievement badges issue.
    Fixed walking animation not removing from vendingmachine.
    Fixed double avatar in room issue.
    Fixed sending friendrequest when already being friendrequested by other.
    Fixed public room no longer displaying "By: "
    Fixed bot looks not properly displaying in the catalog bots page.
    Badges from catalog purchases are now properly added to the inventory.
    Fixed bot rotation not showing when entering a room.
    Fixed crackable furniture using proper chances.
    Fixed crackable furniture not picking a random reward.
    Fixed redeeming points furniture (DF_<type>_<amount>
    Removed badge column from catalog_items table. Use the items_base table and type 'b' now!
    Removed function validString in Emulator class.
    Removed table prefix from updateSQL

    Updates 1.3.0

    Pets in a friends room are now placed in the door.
    RCON Key is now case insensitive
    Pets no longer crash your room (Oops) 
    Pets have become a bit smarter. Though they still are silly.
    Added proxy support. In your CMS update ip_current
    Added default home room configuration option.
    Added minimum interval configuration option for bot chatting.
    Added wordquiz.
    Added new frontpage layout images.
    Added function canToggle to InteractionDefault.
    Added interaction type 'switch'. People with rights or anyone next to it will be able to toggle it.
    Added UserPurchasePicture plugin event. 
    Added welcome message.
    Added progressachievement RCON message.
    Added pet toys. 
    Added :mutepets command.
    Added :mutebots command.
    Added command logging.
    Added permission to permissions table to enable logging for a specific rank.
    Daily respect and pet respect points are now automatically refilled when the emulator starts and once a day (Configurable: hotel.refill.daily)
    Fixed possible credits / pixels / points exploit.
    Pets of guest are now properly picked up when they leave a room.
    Fixed headers for trading.
    Fixed possible lagg. 
    Fixed badges slots order being kept.
    Fixed trading packets.
    Fixed packet issue in
    Fixed packet issue in
    Fixed floorplan editor not creating custom layout from a regular room.

    Updates 1.2.0

    Revision to PRODUCTION-201611291003-338511768 (Thanks            @Beny.            @vista4life)
    Added roommute command.
    Added hotelview badgereward button.
    Fixed allow walkthrough option in room settings.
    :sit command no longer works when sitting.
    Fixed achievements (Aquazus)
    Fix horse items use (Jonathan)
    Fixed camera.

    Updates 1.1.0

    Updated mute timeout to properly reduce.
    Updated camera to display an alert when no permission.
    Added GiveRank command. 
    Added the wall and floor settings showing up in the floorplan editor.
    Added pagination for guild memebers list.
    Added error alert when incorrect pet data is being send to the server.
    Added shutting down when the give game port is already in use or any other reason the gameserver could not be started.
    Added message that the gameserver was started.
    Added more logging to items loading & creating items. 
    Added default data for interaction gift.
    Fixed SSO authentication issue.                @CodeDragon
    Fixed badgeparts in guildsettings showing in random positions. 
    Fixed stalking friend error not in friendslist when friend is offline.
    Fixed nullpointer exception in
    Fixed parsing error for multiheight furniture. 
    Fixed accepting offline friendship requests.
    Fixed up furniture placing and moving.
    Rolled back two ints in RoomDataComposer. Their purpose is unknown.
    Improved stacking and pathfinder speed.

    Updates 1.0.10

    - Room bundles now use the column room_id in the catalog_pages table.
    - Reduced memory usage drastically.
    - Reduced CPU usage drastically.
    - Interaction multiheight no longer users interaction_modes_count but the amount of multiheights.
    - Removed wordfilter userline log.
    - Users that are kicked are no longer able to cancel the walking.
    - Set maximum room wordfilter word length to 25 characters.
    - Updated formatting.
    - Client -> Server packets will no longer be handled when the emulator is shutting down.
    - Fucked up mannequins even more.
    - Started pet breeding.
    - Improved pathfinder speed even more.
    - Started on quick polls (Unfinished)
    - Added infinite inventory size support.
    - Added permission node acc_helper_use_guide_tool.
    - Added permission node acc_helper_give_guide_tours.
    - Added permission node acc_helper_judge_chat_reviews.
    - Added permission node acc_floorplan_editor.
    - Added permission node acc_camera.
    - Added talent tracker.
    - Added configuration option for the amount of popular rooms in the navigator (hotel.navigator.popular.amount).
    - Added configuration option for the list type of popular rooms in the navigator (hotel.navigator.popular.listtype) (0 = pictures, 1 = list).
    - Added configuration option for the maximum amount of items in the inventory (inventory.max.items).
    - Added an option to choose what the display mode is per category (0 = pictures, 1 = list).
    - Added command takebadge
    - Added command setpoll
    - Added command updatepolls
    - Added command roomcredits
    - Added command roompixels
    - Added command roompoints
    - Added command roomgift
    - Added command setmax
    - Added limit of 25 characters for the custom room wordfilter in the room settings.
    - Added deleting friend requests.
    - Added Wired Item Received alert to MassGiftCommand. 
    - Added Wired Item Received alert to GiftCommand.
    - Added Wired Trigger User Says Command.
    - Added Wired Effect Give Respect.
    - Added Wired Effect Give Badge.
    - Added walking to door upon kick.
    - Added more documentation to the RCON Messages.
    - Added RCON message ExecuteCommand (user_id : int, command : String)
    - Added RCON message UpdateCatalog ()
    - Added check to marketplace to prevent items being sold lower than 0 credits.
    - Added scripter detection to prevent items being sold that are not allowed to be sold.
    - Added playlist reloading for :update_items
    - Fixed combination of WiredToggle and GameTime for achievement spamming.
    - Fixed wired data parsing error in
    - Fixed wired data parsing error in
    - Fixed nullpointer exceptions in onClick with Wired Toggle combination for FreezeBlock and FreezeTile.
    - Fixed nullpointer error in GameClient.
    - Fixed placing stackhelper from inventory. 
    - Fixed placing furniture from inventory that rotates. Used to show an error in the client.
    - Fixed nullpointer error in MassBadge command.
    - Fixed typo in MimicCommand.
    - Fixed compile error.
    - Fixed concurrentmodification exception if two people would join a room at the same time.
    - Fixed nullpointer exception when Wired Effect Toggle would toggle Wired Condition, Wired Effect or Wired Trigger furniture.
    - Fixed java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero for multiheights with no multiheight data set.
    - Fixed nullpointer exception in Mimic command when trying to mimic a person that is not in the room.
    - Fixed inventory.full text not loading.
    - Fixed error in Tag game.
    - Fixed wallitem not saving when moved.
    - Fixed badge generation upon guild creation.
    - Fixed creating room now forwarding to the room.
    - Fixed one way gate interaction not properly running.
    - Fixed Users no longer randomly walk and teleport when being teleported by the banzai teleporter.
    - Fixed :sit weird height.
    - Fixed Users no longer rotating towards the vending machine when sitting.
    - Fixed water interaction not updating when picking up.
    - Fixed capitals being ignored in wordfilter. 
    - Fixed diagonal command not working.
    - Fixed Staff no longer gets kicked with roomkick command.
    - Fixed stackhelper. Works properly now.
    - Fixed achievement manager not giving the last level achievement.
    - Fixed error in bots when chatlines would be empty.
    - Fixed inventory limit.

    Updates 1.0.9

    - Improved GameMap and Pathfinder (Improved performance & less memory consumption)
    - Updated coords command to include more information about the current tile standing on.
    - Updated logging to save all errors upon shutting down.
    - Guild admins can now accept membership requests.
    - Searching for badges in the badges inventory component now goes via equalsIgnoreCase instead of equals.
    - Added :ipban command.
    - Added configuration option for threads.
    - Added configuration option to allow teleporting to locked rooms.
    - Added machineban command
    - Added inclusion of catalog pages.
    - Added stairs and bridges support to walk to different heights of a heightmap.
    - Added a configuration option to specify the maximum height a user can climb.
    - Added a configuration option to specify if users can fall. (Falling equals when descend height is bigger than the maximum climb height)
    - Invisible rooms are no longer showing up in the navigator.
    - Added superban command (= Account, IP and MAC ban in one).
    - Using :ipban will disconnect all users on that IP too.
    - Using :superban will disconnect all users on that IP and macaddress too.
    - Using :macban will disconnect all users on that MAC address too.
    - Added forums (WIP)
    - Added camera reconnect command.
    - Added rank check for disconnect command.
    - Added GuildForum catalog layout.
    - Added InfoLoyalty catalog layout.
    - Added LoyaltyVipBuy catalog layout.
    - Added VipBuy catalog layout. (Originally used by ClubBuyLayout with type vip_buy).
    - Added Console commands. You can add your own via the class.
    - Added diagonal option for pathfinder / walking (Command included).
    - Added YoutubeTVs. (Scroll down for the imager)
    - Added default room enter effect. (Staff for example)
    - Added HabNam command. (Requires Habbo Club).
    - Removed real_name.
    - Bug in buying items multiple times when there is a badge included.
    - Fixed loading rooms synchronisation issue.
    - Fixed trading window not closing when leaving the room.
    - Fixed limited numbers correctly saving.
    - Fixed error in buying limited furniture as gift.
    - Fixed moving / picking up furniture not removing effect.
    - Fixed disposing bug in
    - Fixed removing rights in room.
    - Fixed achievements not progressing.
    - Fixed logging to append to log files.
    - Fixed freeze configuration loading.
    - Fixed throwing snowballs on freezetile you're not standing on.
    - Fixed incorrect end date for buying subscriptions showing on the purchase window.
    - Fixed PetManager properly reloading.
    - Fixed handitem not being removed after a certain period.
    - Fixed SQL leak in GuildManager.
    - Fixed sitting at the same tile.
    - Fixed walking animation in teleporters.

    Updates 1.0.8

    Users with rights can now save wired triggers and effects.
    Made :moonwalk HC only.
    Room owner no longer able to be kicked.
    Users with rights can now enter full rooms.
    Habbo receives an alert when being kicked.
    Users with rights are able to talk when the room is muted.
    Roomfilter words now only send to users with rights.
    Roller now triggers wired furniture WiredTriggerHabboWalkOffFurni
    Users with rights can change the room background toner.
    Only users with rights can now handle the doorbell.
    Rooms have no longer a technical limit of maximum amount of furniture (Used to be roughly 2k).
    Added game timers being able to be started by wired.
    Added slight delay for reconnecting the camera server.
    Made game timers compatible with toggle wired.
    Added WiredConditionBattleBanzaiGameActive wired condition interaction (wf_cnd_battlebanzai).
    Added WiredConditionNotBattleBanzaiGameActive wired condition  interaction (wf_cnd_not_battlebanzai).
    Added WiredConditionFreezeGameActive wired condition interaction (wf_cnd_freeze).
    Added WiredConditionNotFreezeGameActive wired condition interaction (wf_cnd_not_freeze).
    Added USERNAME parameter to event command.
    Added LOOK parameter to event command.
    ADDED TIME  parameter to event command.
    Added Bunnytag mini game.
    Added Icetag mini game.
    Added Rollerskate mini game.
    Added major minor build version to for plugin developers to use.
    Added room owner no longer being kicked from a room due to idle timeout.
    Added Diagonal moving of item for       @Beny.
    Added crafting
    Added documentation to
    Made achievements in AchievementManager private. Added getter.
    Added room muting.
    Added room banning
    Added water interaction.
    Added random limited number id for limited furniture.
    Added refreshing of heightmaps for updateitems command.
    Added crackable chances.
    Added shutdown delay option.
    Added configuration option for the recycler 'hotel.catalog.recycler.enabled'
    Added setting to show errors in the console.
    Added football interaction       @Beny.
    Added tradelock to userperks composer.
    Room users can now remove their own rights.
    Removed limitation of reloading the same room.
    Removed stopping when clicked on another non walkable tile while walking.
    Fixed bots being walktrough when allow walktrough is set to false.
    Fixed RoomBundle not properly copying room settings.
    Properly displaying owner name and room name on guilds info for offline users.
    Fixed RCON ForwardUser not forwarding to uncached rooms.
    Broke bots.
    Fixed bots.
    Fixed wireds not always correctly saving wired data.
    Fixed WiredEffectMoveRotateFurni incorrectly parsing wired_data.
    Fixed guild creation date not correctly being set.
    Fixed leaving guilds
    Fixed :update_items not reloading crackable and soundtracks.
    Fixed crackable items possible to crack multiple times.
    Fixed clientside stacking issue.
    Fixed deleting rooms after deleting guild without the need to reload the room.
    Fixed VikingCotie
    Fixed nullpointer exception when whispering to someone not in the room.
    Fixed possible nullpointerexception in
    Fixed nullpointerexception in
    Fixed concurrentmodificationexception in
    Fixed rollers not being walkable.
    Fixed roller sit update issue.
    Fixed two habbos at the same tile from rollers when allowwalktrough is set to false.
    Fixed bug in searching user in a room by username. Username no longer case sensitive.
    Fixed staff pick button not updating.
    Effect is no longer applied again when stepped on a furniture while wearing that effect.
    Fixed furniture being moved to the same spot not being placed on top of the stack.
    Fixed walk on and walkoff correctly being triggered.

    Updates 1.0.7
    Updated camera. Should no longer throw errors.
    Added delay option to wired effects.
    Added UpdateWordfilter RCON command (update_wordfilter).
    Added favorite guild badges being displayed for room users.
    Added permission node acc_update_notifications. Players with this permission node will receive notifications when changes to the camera have been made.
    Removed commands from being saved.
    Fixed messages changing when you don't hit the wordfilter.
    Fixed old 1.0.4 to 1.0.5 sql update file.
    Fixed bug in buying photos not directly being added to the inventory.
    Fixed laying in beds.

    Updates 1.0.6

    Changed walking packets to buffered instead of separated. Should give better performance.
    Updated other RCON commands to allow userid OR username, instead of just username
    Added infinite credits check for buying bundles.
    Added configuration option for guilds price.
    Added :update_navigator command
    Added cache option in HabboStats that plugins can use to link info to a certain session. Also allows multiple plugins to share the same data etc.
    Added guild error when somebody has already been accepted to the guild.
    Added DisconnectUser command
    Added GiveBadge RCON command
    Added SendGift RCON command
    Added achievement progress for buying camera photos
    Fixed pets walking bug.
    Fixed pet walking animation sometimes not stopping.
    Fixed CameraClient restarting when shutting down the emulator.
    Fixed SQL error in 1.0.4 To 1.0.5 upgrade SQL, missing semicolon ';'
    Fixed typo in Checked for the wrong name. (Pixel furniture instead of Diamond furniture)
    Fixed pets being removed from room.
    Fixed massbadge command not correctly adding the badge to the inventory.
    Pathfinder issue where the difference between the goallocation height and currentlocation height was used instead of adjecent tile height.

    Updates 1.0.5

    Updated database cleanup, reset room users count to 0
    Reorganised update SQLs.
    Added global user count parameter in WiredEffectWhisper. Requested by Wusix
    Added global room count parameter in WiredEffectWhisper.
    Re-enabled WordFilter reporting to staffchat.
    Added wordfilter filtering to PrivateChatMessages.
    Added Camera
    Added logging to disconnections (Could help identify other problems in the future.)
    Added callback for errors. (Is only accessable by me)
    Added better navigation filtering.
    Added favourite rooms.
    Room bundle added giving badge.
    Added check to buying items preventing getting multiple badges.
    Added offline user / room / guild filtering. (In other words you can now find rooms made by people that are offline)
    Goblins causing drama.
    Fixed Achievement Level Filter
    Fixed Last Online display on user profiles.
    Fixed hoppers to other rooms.
    Fixed puzzlebox not correctly applying the Z value.
    Filtered HTML from Bot speech.
    Fixed inventory not correctly updating for Wallpaper/Floorpaper/Landscape
    Fixed up staffchat.
    Summon Rank command no longer reloading the room if you are already in it.
    Summon Rank command now properly leaves the room you were already in.
    Fixed adding guild bug causing joining the guild 100 times.
    Fixed Habbos with acc_unkickable permission node were kickable.
    Fixed Wired Effect Chase furniture moving trough non existing tiles.
    Fixed Wired Effect Flee furniture moving trough non existing tiles.
    Fixed Wired Condition Group Member not able to save.
    Fixed Wired Condition Not Group Member not able to save.
    Fixed stackoverflow in WiredTriggerToggleItem -> WiredEffectToggle -> WiredTriggerToggleItem (LOL)

    Updates 1.0.4

    Dunno, lost this update list haha

    Updates 1.0.3

    Added success text for the room bundle command.
    Added permission support for different chat types (EG: Ambassador)Fixed messages still being displayed when a user is muted.
    Added friend state to profiles (Thats Me, Friend Request Send, Friends)
    Added doorbell.
    Added room trade mode support.
    Added permission to trade anywhere, despite room restrictions.
    Fixed RoomBundle command.
    Fixed dice distance interaction.
    Fixed rights in rooms. (Now 100% working)
    Fixed :chat command.
    Fixed guilds not showing on offline user profiles.
    Fixed locked tiles displaying on the floorplan editor. Thanks Steffen Kopa
    Fixed last online displaying on user profiles.
    Fixed floorplan Save button for players.
    Fixed interaction for colorwheel when no rights.
    Fixed interaction for crackable when no rights.
    Fixed interaction for gate when not rights.
    Fixed interaction for backgroundtoner when no rights.
    Fixed achievementscore not properly saving.
    Fixed can_trade option in the users_settings table.
    Fixed inventory stacking option in trade menu. Limited furniture and not allow inventory stack now don't stack in the trade window.
    Removed debugging info in
    Removed unused networking decoder and handler.
    In other words:
    People with rights no longer need to enter a correct password to enter the room.
    Anyone with room rights can open the door for others.
    If you have room rights you can always enter the room.

    Updates 1.0.2

    Added :update_hotel_view command to reload newslist & hall of fame.
    Added buyable clothing.
    Added PetTalkEvent.
    Fixed rotation in Wired Effect Move Rotate.
    Fixed movement direction in Wired Effect Move Rotate.
    Fixed room creation window for certain ranks.
    Fixed ejecting furniture of other user.
    Fixed Username in furniture infostand not loading.
    Updated room sorting in the navigator, user count;room id
    Removed RoomUnitTalkEvent
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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    So you finally release this. *grabs popcorn* let's see what comments are gonna appear.

    Thanks for the release

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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    Thanks very mutch. Love it!!

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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    Finally you hit your head the right way. Great contribution.

    Which RELEASE/PRODUCTION does it use? And any chance you could upload a SWF pack?
    Where's the furniture, made of scriptkids.
    And who's the mod that bans me for no reason.
    When did reality, get mixed with gaming.
    Whatever happened to, chatting, trading, without the additional crap!

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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoshiko View Post
    Finally you hit your head the right way. Great contribution.

    Which RELEASE/PRODUCTION does it use? And any chance you could upload a SWF pack?
    Pretty sure that it says on the overview page but; PRODUCTION-201601012205-226667486

    SWF is linked on the overview page.
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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    Cheers, Dutchie. Could help alot of guys.

    I'm a God.

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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    I will test on your hotel, please you have a link ?

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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Anthologique View Post
    I will test on your hotel, please you have a link ?
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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    Quote Originally Posted by the general View Post
    your hotel

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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    Quote Originally Posted by The General View Post
    Where's the furniture, made of scriptkids.
    And who's the mod that bans me for no reason.
    When did reality, get mixed with gaming.
    Whatever happened to, chatting, trading, without the additional crap!

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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    Link of database please ?

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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    I don't have a hotel.

    Last edited by The General; 08-05-16 at 05:07 PM.
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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    Quote Originally Posted by The General View Post
    I do have a hotel.
    The link you provided didn't load :S
    Where's the furniture, made of scriptkids.
    And who's the mod that bans me for no reason.
    When did reality, get mixed with gaming.
    Whatever happened to, chatting, trading, without the additional crap!

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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoshiko View Post
    The link you provided didn't load :S
    Dude, install gentoo.
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    re: Arcturus Emulator 1.3.0

    Really nice release :) So, let us build a feature rich stable emulator!

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