Scions of Fate now in Steam?

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    Scions of Fate now in Steam?

    So, I just found out that SoF is available in Steam and the community is reviving slowly.
    The management on NetGame has changed and it looks like they are actually doing good work.

    I remember before this transition to Steam that the NetGame SoF management was using client translations from the english private servers DG and HoF, it would be funny if they are still using some of that.

    What does everyone think about these changes?
    Is there anyone left in this sub forum?

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    Re: Scions of Fate now in Steam?

    Yup, same to hero plus aka hero online. Nah netgame is crap company. They only care about milking off your wallets. They never brought any news contents to hero plus except bringing only cashable shops items which could pull from its database.