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    SOF section Rules


    1. All general forum rules apply. You can check them here.

    2. Especially, note this is an English-speaking community. We don't expect you to speak perfect English, but in the least put some effort into trying to make yourself understood in English. If you really can't write English at all or you're terrible at it, provide a google translation for us so we'll know what you're talking about.

    3. Don't post server advertisements in this section. If you have a server, post it in separate Server Ads section found at forum's root. Same goes for requests, they don't belong here. If you can't find a server from Server Ad zone, then it doesn't exist.

    4. As simple as it sounds, please do use the search tool. Too often is a question posted that has already been answered before, wasting everyone's time. If you still didn't find what you were looking for, then we can assume the thread will help not only yourself but others in the same situation aswell!

    5. Pay attention to how you post. Thread titles such as "PLZ HELP!!" aren't much favored among us mods, and usually will be removed on sight. A more descriptive topic would be for example, "[Help] New characters have no items."

    6. Title tags are good behavior and recommended, though not mandatory. They exist to make all of our lives easier. Please consider the following:
    [Release] - if you post new files / material
    [Guide] - if your post is a step-by-step guide into doing something
    [Help] - if you have a problem that needs solving
    [Request] - if you need something, files for example. please search before this though
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