DemonPower Finally in beta

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    idea DemonPower Finally in beta

    Dear users,
    it is a long time ago when we launched alpha ( about 3 months now ? )

    I (PowerChaos) and MageWarior were working hard on the server to make it fully operational to the needs of the players

    Main credits goes to MageWarior as he is the DB Admin
    i mainly dit the website and his complex system ( remeote ajax , php 7.2 )

    but hey, that is now where i made this post for

    so lets start with the best part

    DemonPower Online is NOW FINALLY in beta

    lets get to the stages
    • Alpha / Pre Alpha for 3 months
    • Beta for 2 weeks (if all goes well )
    • Final Release ( let the game start )

    This is wat we have for beta , release is the same exept a few more things xD

    Quote Originally Posted by Some Game info
    1. Quest all your way up to level 100
    2. Free vip levels at following level -> 50 => 75 => 100 => 120 => 130
    3. Incrased Difficulty based on level ( takes longer to get higher level)
    4. Forced intro up to level 50 ( see video )
    5. Freeplay after level 50 , but levelquest avaible until level 100 (goes faster)
    6. NO EP DROPS , there are quests for that stuff ....
    7. Bosses +50 drops gear and stones and godblessing (and other stuff)
    8. Bosses below level 50 are just to easy ... so no rewards for them
    9. Custom PK Tournements ( montly )
    10. 3 Summon Quest
    11. Limited Lotery ( big rewards )
    12. Daily Lotery ( small reward )
    13. Mounts
    14. Garments
    15. Limited time events ( like easter or sunday boss )
    16. Low COMPOSE RATE
    17. LOWRATE SERVER ( really ... its lowrate ... )
    18. Work for your stuff
    19. NO GAME BREAKING DONATIONS POSSIBLE ( ep ? no way ... )
    Quote Originally Posted by Some website info
    1. Serperate account for game and website ( security )
    2. Easy to follow steps to register both accounts
    3. Optional Account lock ( lock / unlock it yourself .. whenever you like)
    4. Extended Shop with NON GAMEBREAKING ITEMS ( garments .. vip 6 )
    5. Claim vip levels based on your level
    6. Get Daily Vip level rewards (based on vip level )
    7. Share your donation amount with a link ( credit code )
    8. Donations are based on level .. so you need to have a min level to get that item
    9. Progress tracker ( see upcoming patches)
    10. See your account info (your character)
    11. ofcourse reset your account password and website password ...
    12. Logs .. who does not love to see his own personal logs of what happends with your account ? (
    13. Group system .. (mainly for staff and events )
    14. Bug Tracker and Forum (own creation )
    15. FAQ and tutorials ( work in progress)
    16. suggestions are welcome to add more stuff
    Quote Originally Posted by Discord Server
    1. Custom bot intregrated with the website
    2. Custom commands for game info
    3. ?help (see all commands) ?staff ?online ?group ?register (link account) ?status ?version ...
    4. A funny chatbot if you feel lonely ( based on Alice Core aka AI )
    5. Differend groups for staff
    6. Best way to contact us
    7. Suggestions are always welcome
    so that was a long list
    here is our intro video to get a idea of the first 50 levels .. ofcourse it does not stop there

    See you soon at DemonPower Online

    in case you are still reading ... because of the start of the beta we got some specials running at this moment

    The first 10 players who play the game get to a certain point that they can claim a Reward ... that reward is our Beta Reward (value of 10 euro )
    so be the first to find that npc and be rewarded for joining the beta

    our beta start at Friday 23/03/2018 @ 8PM ( after server maint )
    You can already download/register your account , but you need to wait for patch 1015 that will come after server maint to start playing

    so how sooner you are ready to go , how more luck you have to claim our special beta reward

    Also for a limited time we Sell ALPHA robes ... those Garments are only avaible in the beta game ... after beta is the alpha robe not avaible anymore in shop ( first week it is 1000 clouds , then 1500 clouds until end of beta )
    so be fast , as it is only limited time avaible ... and yes it will NEVER return again

    Greets From PowerChaos