"Friendly Reminder" - Who's impostering?(Development Help)

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    "Friendly Reminder" - Who's impostering?(Development Help)

    Hey all!

    Recently we have ran into a situation on RaGEZONE so the RZ Staff team decided to create a thread to explain and remind everyone to not trust people with full server access.

    Moderators do help sometimes with server developments, However; This doesn't mean that all moderators do so don't hassle moderators to help you.
    This DOES NOT mean we are better than any other developer!
    Most moderators are added to the section due to moderator and/or game section experience...

    When you're receiving help from a moderator, please make sure that you're talking with them through PM on RaGEZONE.
    Talking to them via Skype, Discord, etc. Other than RaGEZONE itself is out of our control and we can't do anything about it.

    Even though moderators do sometimes help with server development; THIS does not mean we should have full, and complete access to your server, as a server developer, you should understand it isn't a job where you should trust random people even if they're a moderator!
    We are people just as like you and being moderator doesn't mean one of us won't do something we shouldn't.. That's why it is also best to keep all discussions on RaGEZONE and RaGEZONE Only!

    If someone claims to be a moderator, However; they cannot back that statement up, or even show the proof, IF they do not have a green/Dark Green/Red(Staff colored) names then they're in no way a staff member.
    Anyone who is imposing a staff member should be reported to any of the current staff with screenshots so it can be sent to the higher ups, so it can be handled properly.

    Please keep in mind that sections are built by files being released and as developers, we need to make sure our servers are secure from any and everyone who isn't currently a staff member of our servers which has the rights to do so.
    An official server or a private server release is still a release, there isn't any current rule stating that private server files cannot be released. Still, As long as you have proof it is still worth reporting. - As we would like to see a peaceful, and growing forum. The higher ups will definitely look into the situation to the best of their abilities.
    Everyone, please be smart about who you do and don't allow into your server side.
    As developers, We at RZ would like to remind you all of this.


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