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    I remember a post by Mental stating that if you dont want your shit leaked then get better security and dont give passwords to people you dont trust.

    so lets discuss, you feel leaks should be allowed to stay up regardless if the author requests it be taken down even though RaGEZONE was founded on leaks or should the author get his/her wish.
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    Re: Leaks?

    Wow, I haven't seen you in ages, holthelper!

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure if the author would ask a mod privately to remove, they would due to respect for the original work (if it's theirs, obviously). And.. to be honest, it doesn't really matter. Until a mod will take it down, there are say, a few minutes to hours. That means atleast 5 people downloading it? They will just reupload it to somewhere or spread it again. If it's leaked - it's done.

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    Re: Leaks?

    If you feel the rules should be changed, please post in the relevant forum for suggesting rule changes. This is not that forum.
    If you have questions regarding the rules, please feel free to PM me or any of the other moderators. Do not create a topic just to ask.
    Regarding leaks, leaks are allowed so long as there is no malicious software contained within the leak, and the leak does not have an official release on the forum.
    If the leak is full of too much hatred and bile, the moderators reserve the right to close it.