MapleStory Section Guidelines (Updated 10/09/2017)

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    MapleStory Section Guidelines (Updated 10/09/2017)

    MapleStory Private Server Development

    This section is moderated under the RaGEZONE Forum Rules, as well as rules designated for the MapleStory Private Server Section. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning, infraction, and/or ban depending on the severity of the issue at hand. These rules are effective as of Monday, October 18, 2010.

    [Discussion] tags or prefixes are not needed, nor should be used, as this is the Discussion section.
    This section is for general discussions related to the MapleStory section.
    Discussions about the official MapleStory must be posted in Official MapleStory Chat and discussions related to private server must be posted in Private MapleStory Chat

    Creating a thread

    • Do not recreate a thread. Use the Search function beforehand to see if the topic you wish to discuss has already been posted. You may recreate a thread if the previous thread is older than 4 months.
    • Always use proper tags when creating a thread. Be sure to check each subsections rules to determine what are valid tags.
    • Do not post a thread that has nothing to do with MapleStory. Private server discussions are allowed but do not includes specific people which may offend/insult them.
    • Post Maplestory Advertisements: MapleStory Servers.
    • Post Team Recruitment threads:Team Recruitment.
    • Do not create threads asking if a DMCA, email or letter you received is real or fake. These threads have no place on RaGEZONE. The proper action to take is to contact Lloyd Korn, or any similar lawyer of Nexon and ask them. If it is fake, they will not tell you it's real.
    • When posting an NPC script, please use [php] tags. If done correctly, it will look similar to this.
      PHP Code:
      I'm in a php tag

      Script goes in these :) 
      It makes the script easier to read for others so they can help you better.
    • Post all errors found on Channel.bat or other errors in [code] tags. If done correctly, it will look similar to this.
      Error on line blah blah
    • General Maplestory questions are allowed to be posted here but any private server errors or related problems must be posted in their respective areas (one of the development sections)

    Posting in threads

    • Do not troll
    • Do not spam, insult or flame other members. There is a difference between proving a point and flaming someone.
    • Do not make a post with ONLY random images, smileys, and/or videos.
    • Do not quote someone and respond with "This", "Win", "Fail", or anything similar. Try to put some thought into your post.
    • Do not bump an old thread (1+ month since last post) if you do not contribute to that thread. If you need help and the topic is old, post a thread in the help section with a link to the old topic.
    • Do not mini-Mod. If you have an issue with a post/thread, use the Report button
      It is not your job to tell a Moderator how to do theirs.

    Be sure to check these rules often, as they will change without notice.

    - The MapleStory Mod Team -
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