How to make a localhost/Redirector

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    talk How to make a localhost/Redirector

    How to make a localhost/Redirector
    Well the title is pretty self explanatory, i would thank Pixeltris on the Maple Development Discord, great help. This post will be only be a solution for the ip and an alternative to
    dll injection <- in which dll injection is extremely complicated for nothing.

    First thing first, you need to understand both differences on loopback method and a non-loopback method to make a localhost/redirector, i am very new to this so bare with me.

    Loopback -> Direct connection to the client

    Non-Loopback -> Dll injection and overwriting memory and all that crap

    So most likely for testing purposes the loopback method will be preferred than a Non-Loopback method in which either way not sure why you would still go for the hard route. I will try to help both sides (GMS AND KMS) group. This can work for any Maplestory region (MSEA, TMS, etc.) and for any version of Maplestory.

    Now since that settled lets get straight into it.

    *Disclaimer* I will assume you know how to Reverse engineer, already made a memory dump and have your own idb ready to go.

    First Step
    Open cmd in administrator privileges.
    Once its opened type in hdwwiz.exe and press Enter
    Click next, then choose the first option, "Search for and install the hardware automatically"

    Select Microsoft then select Microsoft Loopback Adapter. Then click next and again to confirm installation. For some it will be named Microsoft KM-TEST Loopback Adapter

    Second Step

    Open your maplestory idb, go to the IDA view -> Search for text -> (search the ip of GMS or KMS or MSEA uses, the ip is usually already indicated in maple sources it never changes) -> check
    Find all occurences and press ok. Once the search is done you should see that there might be
    2-3 options to choose but just click one of them you should see the stream of ips together either options

    Third Step

    Once that's done, go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings
    Then you should see Eternet x and Microsoft Loopback Adapter in gray on the bottom
    (x = whatever the number is)
    Right click Properties -> single click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) -> properties

    Check the option-> Use the following IP address
    Then click Advanced -> Add

    Ip address : (Enter first ip address from your idb)
    Subnet Mask :

    Do that for every single ip in there then click ok

    Fourth Step
    Go into your folder where you installed maple
    Create a Maplestory.exe Shortcut
    Right click shortcut -> Properties -> go to the line where it says Target: Add at the end GameLaunching after the -> " should look like this ->

    Target: "(Shortcut Path)\Maplestory.exe " GameLaunching
    then click ok
    Open server, open the game with the shortcut and here is your localhost\redirector

    *This loopback method was introduced years ago but ended up being tossed to the side for some reason so i wanted to do a fresh up or introduce something new for the new ones

    Again full credit to pixeltris for this amazing solution instead of dll injecting and all that junk. Its a faster alternative. Keep in mind, there is many ways that you could handle loopback method but i just used the one that worked for me. I better see some high versions soon! <3
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    Re: How to make a localhost/Redirector

    The reason this was not used anymore was because they changed the authserver IP for older versions, and redirection stopped working. Newer versions should be okay, until it's changed again, but if you're doing redirection on older servers, then you need to run the auth server tool that was released awhile back, and that will fix login issues. Other issues include bypassing HackShield, because it can no longer receive the update files, and fixing Windows 8.1/Windows 10 support, which is literally impossible without a localhost or dll injection.

    There are other issues with newer versions as well. Nexon Launcher being one of them, so the dll injection method is simpler and saves time I think actually now, if you can find the correct memory addresses you need to bypass.
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    Re: How to make a localhost/Redirector

    Ahh fair enough, although i see this as a simple solution for beginners, especially if it works. :)