Time to make my own build.

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    Time to make my own build.

    Hi, I've been playing with various MaNGOS releases for years... I left official WoW soon after the release of TBC (gave them a chance to restore the original talent trees and cancelled my subscription when it became clear they weren't going to, I checked out TLK and loved the DK start quests... then it leads you back to TBC and the same nerfed talents) so I've been playing PreTBC private servers since then... either mine or those of friends.

    So... After all this time using old, old MaNGOS builds I see they moved to GIT and there are branches for modern MaNGOS (bugs fixed) which work on 1.12.x Clients. (Actually 1.9.x was the pinnacle of the World of Warcraft from my point of view... that was the point when things where balanced the best to promote RP and Teamwork, but 1.12.x is fine)

    So I see teams working on TrinityZero and MaNGOSZero for this specific purpose. Awesome. \o/

    Now I've played with some repacks, and so far, I like the MaNGOSZero ones the best. But I think it's time I stopped modifying and fixing other peoples work and went to the source. WoW isn't the only Private MMO I've set up and managed, and you will probably see most of my activity here has been in the PT section, but I've run Diablo, Diablo II and Ultima Online servers as well.

    I don't mind running my server on Windows or Linux or BSD. I don't mind building from the source with GNU or the Express versions of Visual Studio. Using GIT from anything that isn't Debian or FreeBSD based is an arse. (apt-get and portage make it do-able)

    So here's what I need in terms of help, I'm left with lots of resources and lots of questions that leave me with no idea where to start.

    What is the best way to get developing and building from the sources? I've pulled the archives mangoszero-mangoszero-f7f9cd5and onrevax-Mangos-Zero-Script-49af71e from the MaNGOSZero web access to their GIT repo. But I'm sure I need more, and don't know what I should do to perform a complete build.

    They have rough instructions for Debian... but that doesn't tell me what to do when my Deb install tells me I can't apt-get those packages because they are out of date and there is no current compatible version, or how to do something similar on Windows, MinGW or BSD... by that I may be able to work around the packages that don't exist in the current Deb Repo in my area.

    I see projects and solutions for VC80, VC90 and VC100... but will going through the hassle of getting an express version of VC++ .net two thousand and what-ever, build the mangosd.exe, realmd.exe and associated DLLs from that, or do I need to do more?

    Can the Express version even do it?

    Do I need the devel stuff from MySQL built into the VisualStudio IDE? (I guess I do, but have no idea how to that)

    Can I build with MinGW, and if so what packages do I need in my MSYS from the MinG team in order for that to work.... there's a CMake, will that work a MinGW system? I don't see a configure.sh or anything.

    Where can I get SQL databases dumps and patches to work with MaNGOSZero? (I think I can import them with SQLYog... I hope)

    So anyone who can write a start to finish guide on setting up on Linux (that isn't specifically Deb) or Windows in Visual Stupido or MinGW... I'd very much appreciate it.



    Maybe I should have posted in the "Help" sub-thread. I didn't see it till later (should put reading glasses on). I apologise to the MaNGOS RZ forum and it's admins for that... as I say, I'm used to the layout of the PT RZ forums.
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    Re: Time to make my own build.

    Don't like to double post, but I tried a fresh 2003 Server install with VC++ 2010 Express to build the source, and Visual Studio crashes part way through every time.

    I can see that some people here build regularly from the repos... some assistance on a "good" build environment would really be helpful.

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    Re: Time to make my own build.

    Quote Originally Posted by bobsobol View Post
    So anyone who can write a start to finish guide on setting up on Linux (that isn't specifically Deb) or Windows in Visual Stupido or MinGW... I'd very much appreciate it.
    I used the guide below on mangos forum to learn how to compile myself
    (i use Windows/Visual C++ 2010 express, there is also a linux guide on the forum)
    [Guide] Mangos Windows Setup (Page 1) / Installation, Configuration & Upgrades / mangos > the free, open source World of Warcraft server

    I use insider42's mangos at 335 - GitHub

    Recently installed Vista7 64-bit again, wanna try compile 64-bit next :)
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    Re: Time to make my own build.

    Good luck :)!

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    Re: Time to make my own build.

    In addition to the guide on Mango's forum, I wrote a guide on compiling and setting up a MaNGOS server on Windows using VS2010.

    How To Make a MaNGOS Server Easily (Windows) - RaGEZONE forums
    If this post helped you, please feel free to throw it a thumbs up!