AlterWoW's Pre-TBC/Vanilla 1.12.1 Repack

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    AlterWoW's Pre-TBC/Vanilla 1.12.1 Repack

    AlterWoW Vanilla Repack for patch 1.12.x v3.5

    Running a server with my repack? If so let me know and I'll add your server to this post! (Free advertising ;D)

    Coming in 4.0:
    • Update to latest MySQL version(5.5.25a)
    • Large number of quest fixes to be focused on
    • Added Ragnaros and Majordomo Executus as pre-spawned NPCs as dousing the runes doesn't seem to be summoning them.
    Changes in 3.5:
    • DRASTICALLY Reduced disk space :)
    • In quest 772(Rite of Vision). Vision wolf now works properly
    • Fixed MANY scripting issues(mainly npc text not working when in boss battle. My fault due to missing scriptdev0.conf file ^^)
    • Updated to latest MySQL version - Version 5.5.22
    Changes in 3.4.1:
    • Fixed flight masters
    Changes in 3.4:
    • Fixed missing NPC Eris Havenfire(
    • Added directions to city guards
    • Going to attempt to reduce file sizes for those of you on slow connections :)
    • Added Teremus the Devourer
    Changes in 3.3:
    • Fixed mangosd.exe crash on exit bug
    • Updated Core to latest rev.(version z1809)
    • Updated Scriptdev0 to latest rev.(version z0476)
    • Going to use another file sharing service....4shared is too slow
    • Spawned Lord Kazzak in Tainted Scar
    • Changed normal player start level to 1 (Don't know why it was at 60 in the first place! ^_^)
    • Corrected walk speed for several mobs
    Changes in 3.2:
    • Added Changelog.txt to repack
    • Changed starting level for GMs to 60.(Can be changed to in mangosd.conf)
    • Corrected HP of Onyxia to 1099000
    • Updated ScriptDev0 database
    • Added README.txt
    • Erased unneccesary post-compile files freeing up disk space
    • Fixed gameobject_template read error. There should be a lot less DB errors now.
    Changes in 3.1:
    • Fixed an empty realm list error
    Extensive testing has been done on this repack. I don't have the exact figures for working features but what I can say is that instances are spawned and nearly 100% scripted!


    • Blizzlike repack using MaNGOSZero core on latest revision(z1809)
    • Latest version of ZeroDB and ScriptDev0
    • Compatible with client versions 1.12.x
    • Spawned world
    • Dungeons & Raids 90%-95% fully working
    • Nearly all quests working!(Haven't tested all so cant say if its 100% yet ;) )
    • From what ive seen honor system is working. Not completely sure it has complete functionality yet though so would appreciate some feedback on that! :)
    • DBCs already extracted and Maps and vmaps extractors included

    Funserver repack coming soon! :)
    Known bugs:
    • Ragnaros & Majordomo Executus not summoning. Added them as normal spawns for now
    • The crafting of is not working
    • - Karazhan portal doesn't work
    • The doesnt seem to have been added nor scripted and the quest- aint completed because: the servants aint spawning.
    • When using the cooldown is used but no weapon is created.
    • There is some rather odd bug with practicly all members of, as you attack them, they are getting the same visual effect as you get when you level up.
    • The quest doesn't work since the remainings aint spawned, instead kroshius is standing there with the remaining model "Equiped"
    • Rakaiah ( in "Shadow hold" is not affected by
    • If you stand more the half of the length of the "Viewing room door" in scholomance "You're to far away"
    • The spell "Eye of the killrog" is not working properly because you are spawning a pet and neither can you use it as a "Vision tool"
    • There should be a "Fence plasma" surrounding
    • Whenever you and your pet (hunter/warlock) are fighting several of creatures: if your pet got aggro of all of them and suddenly looses 1 which you(the acctual hunter/warlock) get aggro of you will recieve aggro from all the other as well
    • The crater in which the Dark portal is located (blasted lands in the south) there are no elite npcs located(Im quite sure there is supposed to be quite a few)
    • I have started to notice that the drop rates are really weird; if you kill he will almost never drop any t1/t2 or any epics at all.
    • When I play on my Troll rogue lvl 60, as I use "Slice and dice rank 2"+ I loose one of the buffs= they dont stack.
    • The spell dont "allmost" ever grant you the dodge buff.
    Will add more as i find them!

    1. Extract the repack to your C:/ drive
    2. Place ad.exe and vmaps extractor files into your WoW 1.12.1 directory
    3. Run ad.exe and makevmaps_SIMPLE.bat and wait for them to finish
    4. Once they are finished copy the 'maps' and 'vmaps' folders to the MaNGOS directory in the repack.
    5. Go back to your WoW directory and open
    6. Delete all the text in the file and replace it with: 'set realmlist'
    7. Go into your _Server folder and open MySQL.bat
    8. Then go into your MaNGOS folder and open realmd.exe and mangosd.exe
    9. Open your wow client and log in with the details:


    There are 3 other accounts that you can also use to test out what commands work for each GM level:

    Player account - Login: player Pass: player
    Game Master account - Login: gamemaster Pass: gamemaster
    Moderator account - Login: moderator Pass: moderator

    10. Make a character and have fun! :)

    Note: The default starting level is not 60 for all players only for GM's in case people are getting confused. so if you are using a GM account you will start at level 60. This can be changed in mangosd.conf in the GM.StartLevel entry.

    Alternate Install: (If downloading maps instead of extracting)

    1. Extract Repack to C:/ drive
    2. Download and extract maps and vmaps to MaNGOS directory
    3. Follow steps 5 to 10 above! :)

    P.S To login to the MySQL database use these details:

    To create accounts: Enter the following into mangosd.exe - account create $name $password - substitute $name and $password for your desired username and password :)

    Download links:

    Links to download 1.12.1 client(Torrent program required):


    Repack Download links v3.5: (Download size:30mb Extracted size:329mb)


    Maps download: (Download size:63mb Extracted size:128mb)


    Vmaps download: (Download size:104mb Extracted size:259mb)


    Hope you all Enjoy!

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    Re: AlterWoW's Pre-TBC/Vanilla 1.12.1 Repack

    Any chance of a core?
    Repack is nice but in case of additional requirements its pretty hard to reverse engineer to add them...

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    Re: AlterWoW's Pre-TBC/Vanilla 1.12.1 Repack

    Broken links, upload the new links, please.

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    Re: AlterWoW's Pre-TBC/Vanilla 1.12.1 Repack

    If you really want some fresh links, or info, you can always try to send a PM to the thread creator instead of posting and bumping OLD threads.
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