MMOPro WoW Legion Repack (build with ProjectCMS

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    idea MMOPro WoW Legion Repack (build with ProjectCMS

    MMOPro Official WoW Legion Repack - AshamaneCore (Legion 7.3.5) with Project CMS

    This repack is based on AshamaneCore. Check this link if you want more information
    ProjectCMS aka BlizzCMS is also included as a built-in website. Check this link to check out the project.

    - The MMOPro Repack's core is based on AshamaneCore.
    - Client 7.3.5 (26654) supported
    - Website with ProjectCMS (aka BlizzCMS)
    - Launcher
    - Update system

    About AshamaneCore

    It is fully based on TrinityCore, with upgrades like :
    • Class Hall Basics (WIP)
    • World Quests
    • Challenge Mode (Mythic+)
    • Legion scripts (WIP)
      • BlackRookHold
      • Darkheart Thicket
      • Mardum (DH start zone)
      • Emerald Nightmare (1/7)
      • Tomb of Sargeras (1/9)
    • Wod Scripts (WIP)
      • full blizzlike Jungle of Tanaan intro
      • Garrison pre-quests (for both Horde & Alliance)
      • Garrison building activation
      • Bloodmaul Slagmines
      • Everbloom
      • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
      • Highmaul
    • Pandaria Scripts
      • all dungeons & world bosses
    with Ashamane Database (ADB) :
    • All Cataclysm zones spawns
    • All Mist of Pandaria zones spawns
    • All Draenor zones spawns
    • All Legion zones spawns (including Class Halls)
    About BlizzCMS
    Welcome to a new CMS for World of Warcraft, this website is compatible with TrinityCore and all the versions of the game (from Vanilla up to Battle for Azeroth)
    - Modules available -
    * Store
    * Registration (Any Expansion is supported)
    * Connection
    * User Panel
    * Private messages
    * API [For administrator's management]
    * Forums (Forums are own, we do not use external CMS)
    * News
    * Changelogs
    * Points Voting and Points Donation
    * Upcoming events
    * Top 20 PVP
    * Top Arenas
    * Bugtracker
    * Public profiles
    * Admin Panel
    1. Manage the characters
    2. Manage the created accounts
    3. Manage the Web range
    4. Manage the API
    5. Manage the News
    6. Manage the Forums
    7. Manage the Store
    8. Manage the Changelogs
    * Selection of pre-designed Themes. We have implemented a system to install the web in a simple way, and you will not have to alter the files. Now we have contributors who provide us with translations. Available languages: * English * Spanish * Russian * Frances * German * Japanese The changes in the forums are huge: * It is now possible to restrict the entry to (guests) to a specific category * You can highlight topics * You can restrict comments in the topics News * It is now possible to comment on the news Bugtracker * Pagination created. * Now you can comment on the reports * Now the Administrator can change the type, priority, and status of the report, you can also close the report so that it is not shown in the list. Home * We have added two types of Discord, you can select the one that suits you best. User Panel * If you have an old account (created without using this CMS). You can update the information required for your profile to work correctly. * You can choose a photo to represent your profile. (Avatar). Register * Captcha implemented // A module management system has been implemented, now you can choose which modules will be displayed on your web page.
    BlizzCMS Screenshots

    MMOPro Legion Repack - Download

    Here are the 2 patched exe files for build26972

    Vmaps - Download

    Mmaps - Download

    Maps - Download

    DBC,GT and Camera - Download

    Beware that after extractions the files are 14 GB!

    Server files include:
    MySQL, Apache with BlizzCMS, Tools (extractors and patcher), MMAPS,VMAPS,DBC,MAPS,CAMERA and GT. Just run it and play!

    MySQL username: root
    MySQL password: ascent

    Admin account: admin@admin
    Password: admin

    User account: user@user
    Password: user

    All extractors and patcher are in the folder called "Tools"

    [SIZE=5][FONT=Verdana][FONT=arial][B]Make sure to read the "README!!" file.
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    Re: MMOPro WoW Legion Repack (build with ProjectCMS

    i will test it some day an report back.

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    Re: MMOPro WoW Legion Repack (build with ProjectCMS


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    Re: MMOPro WoW Legion Repack (build with ProjectCMS

    first you need to download everything. then you need to extract the datafiles in the folder specified in the conf file. after that you need to run the batch file(possibly something with server). then you need to run the 2 executables for the server core.