Single Player Project - AshamaneCore (Legion)

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    Single Player Project - AshamaneCore (Legion 7.3.2)
    This repack is based on AshamaneCore. Check this link if you want more information:

    Discord server available for my projects.
    You can chat, ask, request or anything.

    Included in this repack:
    - The server core is based on AshamaneCore.
    - Client 7.3.2 (25549) supported
    - Easy to use launcher
    - Update system
    - Patched files for the game
    - Easy to use, just install and play

    So, what is AshamaneCore?
    It is fully based on TrinityCore, with upgrades like :

    - Class Hall Basics (WIP)
    - World Quests
    - Personal Spawns (visible by summoner only)
    - Legion scripts (WIP)
    - Wod Scripts (full blizzlike Jungle of Tanaan intro)
    - Pandaria Scripts (all dungeons & world bosses)
    - All Cataclysm zones spawns
    - All Mist of Pandaria zones spawns
    - All Draenor zones spawns
    - All Legion zones spawns (including Class Halls)

    Patches included:
    - Announce login
    - Boss Kill Announcer
    - Double XP Weekend
    - Firework on level 110
    - Solocraft
    - Starting Guilds
    - Starting items (LoginBoA)
    - Custom Respawn Speed
    - Attack speed patch
    - SpeedGame NoCastTime NoCooldown HurtInRealTime patches3
    - Gain honor for elite mobs and guards
    - TimeIsMoneyFriend
    - Dungeon checkpoints
    - XP for PvP
    - Custom Duel reset
    - Random Enchants on looted and crafted weapons and armors
    - Pandaren starting area skipper

    What is Solocraft?
    Solocraft is a script to increase players and bots stats in raids, based on group size.

    How to create account?
    In world server console type: bnet create name@name password
    After this you need to create a game account first: account create name password
    And finally you need to link the bnet account to game account: bnet link name@name gamename

    How to create GM account?
    You need to create a game account first: account create name password
    then set the GM level: account set gmlevel name 3 1
    and you need to link the bnet account to game account: bnet link name@name gamename
    Warning! Some patches and features are working differently if you playing with GM account!

    Can I get the source?
    Yes, you find it here:

    How to use it:
    1. Download the latest World of Warcraft 7.3.2 from blizzard site.
    2. Download this repack and install it directly into your World of Warcraft directory.
    (Don't worry, you can play on official or other servers)
    3. Start it with SPP-Launcher.exe
    4. Start the servers from Server menu and start the game from this launcher

    Some default accounts added:
    admin@admin admin - this is the admin account
    offline@offline offline
    single@single single

    >>> Download Server <<<

    >>> Download Client Patch <<<


    ################################################## ################

    Help us
    Conan ---> Paypal <---

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    Re: Single Player Project - AshamaneCore (Legion)

    Do you know where I can get the 7.3.2 client? I've already downloaded the 7.3.5 client in full from blizzard but the launchers given with the repack start downloading the 7.3.2 client within the 7.3.5 client instead of already using the already downloaded assets.

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    Re: Single Player Project - AshamaneCore (Legion)

    Hey mate
    thank you for the UP , trying to run this but not having much luck

    running the spp_wow or spp_wow64 gives CDN error
    and I have searched all the files you have linked and there is no SPP_Launcer.exe in these files

    are you able to check the files you have uploaded or alternatively advise of a way around this please

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    Re: Single Player Project - AshamaneCore (Legion)

    After update / update fix.....
    2018-02-19 9:23:43 7968 [ERROR] InnoDB: The file '.\characters\character_shop.i
    bd' already exists though the corresponding table did not exist in the InnoDB da
    ta dictionary. Have you moved InnoDB .ibd files around without using the SQL com
    mands DISCARD TABLESPACE and IMPORT TABLESPACE, or did mysqld crash in the middl
    e of CREATE TABLE? You can resolve the problem by removing the file '.\character
    s\character_shop.ibd' under the 'datadir' of MySQL.
    also after deleting and rebuilding the sql files
    2018-02-19 9:31:33 3308 [ERROR] mysqld: Table '.\characters\updates' is marked
    as crashed and should be repaired
    2018-02-19 9:31:33 3308 [Warning] Checking table: '.\characters\updates'
    2018-02-19 9:31:33 3308 [ERROR] mysqld: Table '.\world\updates' is marked as cr
    ashed and should be repaired
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