Tales of Pirates [Helping People] Discussion

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    Tales of Pirates [Helping People] Discussion

    --Moderator please sticky this thread, i will actually help people-[delete this part after making to sticky]-

    Ok, so first off ragezone is not the best place for tales of pirates help, most people here are focused on other games, but i see ALOT of people that need help, and most of your problems are stupid simple.
    I haven't Developed tales of pirates scripts, codes,websites, in about roughly 2 years now, but i still remember ALOT, if you guys need certain tutorials or help please just ask in this discussion thread.
    List your Problems in this Style
    The Most important stuff is bold but try to be specific and give all information that you know

    What You Wanted To Do:
    Location of File Edited & Name:
    What You Did In That File:
    What File/ System No Longer Works Properly (Game Or Server Side(kinda the same thing)):
    If You Caused The Problem: (Yes or no):

    If you guys need certain tutorials to be made: how to edit website/server-side/and certain other things, if i remember how to i will make the tutorial.
    Just Please Request What you Need.

    My Only Rules Are:
    1)Don't request over the top things, like ive been still doing this every single day. Like i said its been 2 years.
    2)Don't Just ask for help, first Try to fix the problem yourself first by re-tracing your steps
    3)If its multiple files that are screwed up and you have files in attachments, please dont assume i can fix it without a proper description of your problem or what you want fixed.
    4)Don't get pissed if i cant help, or i take a while to reply, because i have my own life
    5)Dont Suck Me If i Dont Have Credits For Everything, Because All These Files That i Give Are Coming From Files i Stored

    6)If you do not post your question/problem/request in this discussion i will not help you

    Please Look Here And See If Someone Has Already Asked Your Request/Question And If its Its Been Answered. Please No Multiple requests or questions Of The Same BS.

    And with that i will try my best to assist everyone.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Problem: Does Someone Have The ORG_SnowCrash Website
    My Answer: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ry..._SnowCrash.rar -------------- Its the second ORG_Website Snowcrash made

    - - - Updated - - -

    Problem: Corals, Neck and Rings Gemmable
    My Answer: Open variable.lua which is in resource/script/calculate/
    Search for Item_CanJinglian_Num = what ever number you see change to how many more Item_CanJinglian_ID you will add
    So example if you had Item_CanJinglian_ID [0] Item_CanJinglian_ID [1] Item_CanJinglian_ID [3] Item_CanJinglian_Num would = 3
    I will Give you My Old Script For That Part To Make It Easier

    Item_CanJinglian_Num = 13
    Item_CanJinglian_ID = { }

    Item_CanJinglian_ID [0] = 1 -- Sword
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [1] = 2 -- Greatsword
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [2] = 3 -- Bows
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [3] = 4 -- Guns
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [4] = 7 -- Daggers
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [5] = 11 -- Shields
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [6] = 20 -- Hats
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [7] = 22 -- Clothes
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [8] = 23 -- Gloves
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [9] = 24 -- Shoes
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [10] = 27 -- Tattoo
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [11] = 9 -- Staff
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [12] = 26 --Rings
    Item_CanJinglian_ID [13] = 25 --Necklace

    Just replace what you have with that And Save, Reload server if it was on, if it wasn't run it, and you can now gem rings and necklaces, i cant remember what the itemnumber for corals are, i will update this if i find it

    - - - Updated - - -

    Problem: how to make voyager use skill without coral
    My Answer: On your server side in skillinfo.txt put this in
    0216 Conch Ray 1 16,10 1,-1 1,-1 1,-1 -1 2 1 0 -1 212,5 1 1 1 600 4 2 0 0 1 0 0 SkillSp_Bkcj 0 0 SkillArea_Line_Bkcj 0 Skill_Bkcj_End 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 SkillCooldown_Bkcj 1 1 13 0 106 6,-1 265,266 0,0 0 0,0 0,0 0 -1 -1 0 0 107 2 267 0 0 0 s0216.tga 0 0 Uses Strike Coral to damage targets in a straight line Damage is determined by skill level and Spirit. Requires Strike Coral to be equipped Consumes 23 SP at Level 1. Increases by 3 SP per skill level 0
    and then compile your serverside and take the skillinfo.bin and place it in your client. And a quick Explanation for why you need that line is because in skillinfo
    it not only defines what the skill does when you use it, or if it will be AOE or a select target, it also includes how the skill will look when its activated, what class is needed, the max level the skill can receive, what item(s) is needed for it to be used, what skills you need before you can have this skill, and alot of other stuff

    - - - Updated - - -

    Problem: Having a problem with GM commands
    My Answer:
    1)Open GameServer.exe with hex edit and press crtl + f and find make,attr, or any of the basic commands you are looking for. If you cant find them most likely in that gameserver the name has been changed as a "protective way" to stop hackers from screwing up the server if they somehow get access to the gm account because they wont know the codes. I suggest get a fresh gameserver where the commands arent edited and see what line the commands are on and then in the edited gameserver look at those lines and you should find the changed commands.
    2) Or if the gameserver is compatible with your files and you dont want the commands edited just replace game servers.
    3) And make sure while in-game when typing you are typing correctly &make [itemid],[amount] etc etc etc for whatever command your using im basically saying make sure your doing it correctly
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