Old Archived Files Rules!

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    Requesting Server Files

    Since most of these sections are dead , I'm enforcing a forbidden brand onto requesting server files in this section. Please use the search function the forums have , if you are having issues in retrieving the files , for example dead links you can contact me and I'll try to handle it.

    - Military
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    Re: Requesting Server Files

    Please also remember to use common sense before posting. Just because this is the archived section, doesn't mean the common rules don't apply here.

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    Old Archived Files Rules!

    1. This is a category so do not post request/help topics here, you can see all the sections on the top when entering this category, if you cant find your game there then move to this section Server Help Extra - MMORPG Server Files - RaGEZONE forums
    2. Each section has its own rules so when you enter one of the sections in this category be sure you read those rules as well.
    3. Do not post bots/hacks in any of the sections here!
    4. Always post your topics in the correct section, lets say you want to release awesome private server you made you would post it in Release section of that game, if you want to post tutorial you post it in Tutorials.
    5. If you want to advertise your private server and the section doesn't have a category for this, you will have to post it here: Private Servers - MMORPG Server Files - RaGEZONE forums

    Breaking any of these rules will result in an infraction.

    Just some little additions.

    1. Avoid necroposting. (Bumping VERY DEAD threads)
    2. Instead of necroposting consider contacting either the OP or the people involved in the thread, if you are in need of assistance.


    Above all, general forum rules still apply here.

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