Alert Scammer : Roniee Caballero

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    Re: Alert Scammer : Roniee Caballero

    My 2 cents on this: the files he has are minerva i gave them to him a long time ago, cant recall what version/ep they work with and yes i Gave them for free. They are useless,unupdated files independente of episode they are working with.
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    Re: Alert Scammer : Roniee Caballero

    I can confirm this, he tried to scam me aswell.

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    Re: Alert Scammer : Roniee Caballero

    Mmmm the "Web Error Multiplier - 'Reygie'" and "Greedy -something- 'Ronie'" have finally made it into a topic here... interesting.

    Rey was asked to fix Xeno's web once, took a few days and guess what, the errors actually multiplied on a daily base.
    Ronie of course made imba edits resulting the entire drops to be.. how should I put it.. lacking around 7k lines,
    probably more but can't recall the exact number (tho the entire drop table was glitched due to improper file formatting).
    Anyhow to avoid going too off-topic.. here's the thing:
    Not only does it appear (if that whole thing is true), that Reygie has taken away Godskin's RZ account,
    he's also kept others out from the hosting of Xenocide numerous times to just do whatever he does when he's being Reygie.
    Aka taking files and messing with the project he was supposed to help with.

    I personally find that it sounds more risky to have any of these guys "help" than buy something,
    in case you're running a fairly decent project and you've got something to lose.

    Of course scam has always been a topic in any p-server scene,
    what else to expect, but this is going to reach one hell of a ridiculous level.

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    Re: Alert Scammer : Roniee Caballero

    They are back in the business..
    New Server Created by Reygie NOCTURNAL CABAL

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