[IMPORTANT] Beware of scammers!

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    shout [IMPORTANT] Beware of scammers!

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    It has come to our attention that there have been numerous cases of people from this section being scammed. Before you deal with anyone, especially if it's a money deal, keep these things in mind:

    • NEVER give someone money before getting what you're paying for. If someone says something like "I need the money first because I don't want to be scammed", or "I have to make sure you're being truthful about wanting to buy these files", chances are they are attempting to scam you! This is a very common scam tactic.
    • Beware of people pretending to be females. Many scammers/cheats/liars do this to get you to trust them. There are numerous instances of people pretending to be a girl just so they can get a staff position on a server. If you ask them to prove their gender, and they use the excuse "I don't have a cam/mic", tell them to get lost. It's most likely a guy, and nobody needs a liar on their team.
    • Many people are pretending to be TDP members or friends of TDP. There was very recently a case of a scammer claiming to be my close friend to gain someone else's trust. If someone tells you they are in TDP/friends of TDP, send me a PM before you do anything else!
    • Do not give server/db access to anyone that you don't trust and have only known for a short amount of time! Very often, scammers will ask you for access to your server so they can "fix your problem", "help you", "add new features", or "upload the files you bought". If they really are capable of helping and want to, then they can very easily do so without ever touching your server. If they wanted to give you new features (that you may or may not have bought), then can just give you the files. Nobody else, except yourself and your dev(s), should have access to your server.
    • NEVER believe anyone that claims to have EP3/4/5/6/7/8/10 files. They are most likely full of crap. If anyone was really selling legit EP3 files, TDP would probably know about it. You cannot buy server files from ESTSoft, and nobody else, that we know of, has them, except Elite Kingdoms (and possibly a few Chinese).

    ###### BOARD OF SHAME ######
    Below is a list of known scammers:


    IP address country: Brazil
    IP address state: n/a
    IP address city: n/a
    IP address latitude: -10.0000
    IP address longitude: -55.0000
    ISP of this IP: Global Village Telecom

    Sold fake EP3 files to many people.


    IP address country: Philippines
    IP address state: Quezon City
    IP address city: Quezon City
    IP address latitude: 14.6488
    IP address longitude: 121.0509
    ISP of this IP: Globe Telecom (GMCR

    Attempted to gain access to someone's server by offering to "fix" their problem. Pretended to be a girl and a close friend of mine. Tried to sell fake EP3 files for $150 (apparently bought for $300) and wanted the money first. Claimed to be 1 of 3 people that had these files (himself, walkerknight88 and oOSpikeOo).
    11:02 »» Yamachi» [~Epidal@cpc14-brad19-2-0-cust35.barn.cable.virginmedia.co - Pastebin.com
    caught me a scammer (xsacrifice)on Penises =3 Nah, games bruv, init - live streaming video powered by Livestream
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    shout Reminder. READ YAMACHI'S POST FIRST!

    As the matter is still happening outside, and sometimes, even inside the RaGEZONE, I would like to top up existing Yamachi's post, point out and remind couple things in regards to the cases:

    1. RaGEZONE PROHIBITS ANY CABAL FILE SALES & Services and is not associated with any sellers whatsoever.
    2. If you are buying any kind of files or services from a person stating that he is a member of RaGEZONE community, MAKE SURE you send a private message to the person, he's pretending to be on RaGEZONE, to actually confirm it's that person who he says he is.
      For example: If someone says that, they he is MentaL, find one of the MentaL's posts and message him via Private Message to confirm it is actually him. There was many accidents, where people simply adjusted HTML code on the website, via inspect element in their browsers and sent it as a "proof" of their identity.
      After you have confirmed it is a members of RaGEZONE selling files - REPORT that user to Me or @Shoelace with a full chat history and other possible evidences, so that actions could be taken against him/her.
    3. If you have been scammed or feel that someone is trying to scam you and that person is from RaGEZONE, DO NOT HESITATE AND REPORT HIM INSTANTLY to Me or @Shoelace (Send a private message). WITH EVIDENCES ONLY! (such as: screenshots, chats, videos).
    4. Report any scamming cases which has been affiliated with RaGEZONE, such as someone pretending to be a member of the forum or Cabal Section's community and similar, in order to put them to shame board, so that other users would be aware of possible scam attempts if they are being approached by any of the possible scammers privately.
      To report a scammer from Cabal Community: Send a private message of the person with evidences, such as: videos, chats, screenshots and such to Me or @Shoelace. No evidence will lead to a warning for the person reporting!
    5. Be thoughtful. In RaGEZONE you can find most of the information and learning materials to build your own servers, request help in Cabal Help section, give extra attention to all possible situations and never trust someone trying to approach you privately and offering files / services to buy.
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    Re: [IMPORTANT] Beware of scammers!

    I would like to inform everyone about taking extra care of any deals involving sales! RaGEZONE does NOT allow this!

    An accident involving a member of this community and a scammer named: Elite Developer already happened.
    A scammer has been using paypal fraud to get subscription and pm'ed members of Cabal Community in regards to various server files sales and related material.

    If you take it to off the RaGEZONE - it is solely your responsibility and no help will he provided in regards to such matter. If someone is trying to pm you in regards to servers files and / or asking for skype and such to make deals, keep all messages linked to any conversation!
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