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    shout [TEMPORARY] Information about Cabal Section

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    Hi Guys and Girls,

    As you might have seen it already, I am a new Cabal Section Moderator, previously known by the nick: Augis24.
    I know, late introduction, my apologies.
    My purpose in this section is to clean it and keep the order, but there will be more things coming in the near future, which will benefit our Cabal Community.

    This thread's purpose is to inform you about revamp of Cabal section, but to be precise, the following things are ongoing:

    • Deleting threads with such contents: Spam, random chat (non Cabal related), non English content, rage or hate provocations and on rare occasions - completely dead threads with a outdated content, which doesn't even have any content inside (can be related to random chat threads).
    • Moving help threads from general section to Cabal Help subsection.
    • Restoring removed content and in case of dead links - locking threads or possibly deleting, depending on the comment value.
    • Re-checking all threads in Development, Releases and Tutorials sections.
    • Deleting rage / hate / non english / "thank you" posts in valuable threads.
    • Overall - a nice cleaning of Cabal Section.
    • Enforcing rules from the moment they have been edited.

    The reason why I want to inform you all about this is in case you would receive a message about deleted content / posts - that means I have deleted one of your threads, which might have even been 1-3 years old, depending on you activity on RaGEZONE, but do not threat, it has been done to make sure that Cabal Section becomes clean and nicely organized where it would be easy to find content we need and go through commentary without any junk threads and posts.

    Threads, which will be locked due to dead links of shared content, will be unlocked if someone will provide active links with the content. The locking will be done to avoid "dead links";"please reupload" and other spam.

    This thread is temporary, to inform you about what is going on at the moment in Cabal section, which will be removed after all planned "cleaning" will be done. A new thread will be posted with a full revamp for your information.


    Your cooperation will be highly appreciated!
    Like or Rep is the best way to show appreciation!
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