[PWDC] Perfect World Development Community

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    [PWDC] Perfect World Development Community

    [PWDC] Perfect World Development Community
    This was a fantastic idea from GM Lucifer in the Jade Dynasty section so let's try it here!

    I started developing many years ago, it has been fun and at the same time stressful. But with the help of other members, I have been able to fix some issues and even make some better.

    What we're about
    This community is open to Developers old and new! If you've never had a scrap of development in you before, but you've got the spirit and the time and want to develop on PW so badly. Then come and join!

    If you've already got the know how, the knowledge and the determination to make our community better, come and join!

    The Catch
    But here's the catch! If you want to ask a question it's going to take the community a long time to get back to you, because we won't just answer it, we'll write a whole tutorial posted right here in the Tutorial section of Perfect World on RageZone. Making our answer completely open to anybody and everybody (and of course you, the person who originally asked the question)

    So, where is this community?
    Well, we're here, on RageZone. But we also have a discord. Where we can talk via instant messaging or voice chat. :)

    If you want to join us, open up Perfect World development and inspire the next generation of Perfect World developers then click this link! (https://discord.gg/mAM7vyF)


    1. Please don't chat spam :) Nobody wants to come online and see 900 missed messages

    2. Please don't assume people will help you, they're under no obligation :)

    3. Never direct a question about development at anybody imparticular, simply write the question and anybody that can answer and wants to, will.

    4. Some of the experienced devs have particular days that they answer questions on, cus they're either testing things, or running an actual server. Ask when you join who has set days.

    5. If you write a tutorial or release anything on RageZone, that has had help from the PWDC, please put [PWDC] at the start of the title for the thread.

    6. Anybody that requires credit, you need to give it to them.

    7. All tutorials posted on behalf of the Perfect World Development Community have [PWDC] at the start of the title.

    8. All members are registered or logged in via facebook. (You must be able to post) on RageZone.

    Those are the rules, so hope you get lots of help in the PWDC :)

    And as always!! Have fun :)

    Note: There is a similar post about this in one of the sub sections, but I thought it would be appropriate to move it.

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    Re: [PWDC] Perfect World Development Community

    nice idea