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    This section is under the RaGEZONE Forum Rules, however it has additional rules which much be followed. All subsections have additional rules which also must be followed, read them in the appropriate section.

    Failure to comply with marked rules will result in an infraction or warning. The corresponding card next to the rule will result in the punishment;

    - Warning
    - Infraction
    - Infraction or Warning

    1. NO directly quoting or talking about RaGEZONE or its topics - outside of RaGEZONE
    2. NO discussing - or even so much as mentioning molebox or ANY other 'packers' (READ HERE)
    3. Absolutely NO selling, or offering anything for sale.
    4. This section is strictly for Perfect World discussion ONLY; nothing else.
    5. No Exploits, Cracks, Hacks or Warez.
    6. Do not use strong language or say vulgar comments towards people; flaming is not permitted.
    7. Do not revive or bump old threads to say, "good job, nice, luv it" - Will only permit bumped topics if you are contributing to the original thread.
    8. Do not create threads or posts asking for a team/server to join. Search in Recruitment section if you want to join a team.
    9. Always search before making a new thread. Duplicates will receive a warning or infraction.
    10. Moderators are here to moderate and watch over the section, not to give general support or help your server. But, if I know anything about your problem, I will do our best to help you.
    11. Do not post any URLs outside of RaGEZONE, That does not support this current section.(Vote sites, etc.) If it doesn't support general discussion on Perfect World.
    12. RaGEZONE is in no way responsible for what you do and what happens to your server. Anything that happens outside of RaGEZONE, stays outside.
    13. If you create a Help topic and someone has replied to it, and you haven't responded to the thread for further help within 5 days, your thread will be closed, assuming that you have fixed your problem. You can easily PM me and ask for the thread to be re-opened if you need further help.
    14. Do NOT use the term 'plox' (or any variant of it).
    15. Do NOT use annoying COLOR, BOLD / +7 type font (unless you have a GOOD reason to do so)

    Thank you for reading. Please follow them and you should be fine!
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    Re: IMPORTANT Rules!

    I have been noticing some help threads that aren't very detailed or very well-explained. When you create a new help thread, please try to describe your problem as best as you can - possibly including error messages or screenshots of the problem.

    This will only make the process of solving your problem easier, faster, and more beneficial for you.

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    Re: IMPORTANT Rules!

    This is in regards to the TAGS rule:

    If you fellow Perfect World developers could help me out with the section, that would be great. Just inform a user when he has made a mistake and left a tag out - such as [HELP] or [REQUEST]. It would help me a lot!

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: IMPORTANT Rules!

    Please be mindful of all the rules here @ RaGEZONE.

    } else {

    I will strike you with this:

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    Rules have been updated. And Warning and infraction tags fixed.
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